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Any owners with English Bulldogs in here

Posted by Soulman-696414 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Philopas - 3 years ago

Dear all ,

I am the owner of a pure breed Male english bulldog Which is  about 3 Years old.. i am very sad to say that We want someone to adopt him as we dont have the time to look after him.. in addition it is very hot and we cannot have him outside .. we have a newborn baby in the house And is very difficult for us ... i am searching for a good family which will look after him.. a family who knows about this breed is preferaBle.

my email is philopas@hotmail.com

thanks a lot

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Posted by rosa maria-704452 - 8 years ago

Hi,My name is Rosa and I was just wondering if you have had any luck in locating a breeder to get the bull dog. My son has been asking us for a dog for the longest time and his heart is SOOOO set on a bulldog but from the litt reseach that we have done they are almost impossible to get in Cyprus and u are so right about getting the dog and not being able to see it and spend sometime with and get to know what his parents look like. If u have found a bulldog and have and information to pass on to me I would greatly appreciate it very much...
My email is rosamasotti@aol.com
Many ThanksRosa

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Posted by die5-688335 - 8 years ago

''.....Am just worried about that we can't see the dog and play around with it to see if it has the nature that we are looking for......''

''...Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or has contacts to some breeders in hungary''

'....enlighten me on how they cope with the weather conditions down here and other things that might be of interest.'' (!!!!)
Soulman, if you write things like above, it's normal, people answer to this point!
No reason to do the people down, who -according to the situation in this country- are leery.
Nobody knows you personally
but for example me, I know German shelters full of this kind of dogs, brought there, because the inexperienced owners were overwhelmed after a while
and too many people here know how many ''special, pure breed, bought at great cost'' pets, that end in the shelter because of ''relocation, not enough time, job.........''after a while.
You write things, that seem to show you are not really aware, what a dog like that really needs.
So, good luck to you
and with hope, that we don't find the pet under ''pets and animals for sale'' at some point.

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Posted by PillePann - 8 years ago

I am very sad to read what you write about hungarian breeders. Those people are not breeders , and please do not judge real breeders upon that what you hear or see on tv or newspapers.

You guys are forgetting that in Hungary we have worldchampion dogs in many many breeds, and IF you care for your puppy you WILL find a way to get the one you desire that is healthy, raised in family and no matter from what country you are getting the puppy.

People want everything cheap and than they complain after that its not good. Just dont get a puppy for 400 euros in cyprus especially! that will not be an english bulldog!

To Soulman , my advise is, get in contact with a hungarian breeder that brings his dogs to shows. Buy a ticket to hungary when it is between 170-300 euros, go there for 2 days. You will pay on a pedigree dog that has all papers like 700-800 euros .

This way you see the parents, you choose the puppy and take it by yourself on the airplain and you had 2 days vacation, and you have a show quality pedigree puppy for 1200 eur with all your expenses.

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Posted by Soulman-696414 - 8 years ago

I think some of you need to take a chill-pill and stop thinking you know what I think, know and would do...

I am talking about reputable, respected and well-known bully breeders from Hungary, not some shady backdoor or market dropbox sales person here... take http://www.bulldogs.hu can't see anything wrong with them and a few Cypriots have actually imported from them and are very happy with it. So for the love god, just stop it the arguing and stick to the topic, I would never buy from the likes that you are mentioning and there is no reason to drag the conversation into things about animal cruelty and or adopting another dog just for the sake of getting a dog...

We want an English Bulldog and since we have taken us the time to wait for the right one (we waited 8 months now), i can't see why anyone would think if we are not sure we want this particulary breed and dog....we are very sure.

If anyone else has constructive, on topic, suggestions please do let me know and lets skips the rest :)

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Posted by shopgirl - 8 years ago

I have to agree with die5. If you are looking at Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. you are bound to get your dog from a puppy mill. They all look cute as puppies, but you don´t know how they will turn out when they get older (health as well as temperament). The money you might save on the purchase price will be spent on vet fees & medication. Also, I don´t think that you want to go through the awful experience of seing a beloved family pet suffer. Especially for English Bulldogs it is of great importance that they come from a reputable breeder.

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Posted by die5-688335 - 8 years ago

In Germany no one buys puppies from Hungarian breeders anymore. Most of them raise the dogs under horrible circumstances just to make as much money as possible.
German shelters are full of these poor creatures, because it's easy to take them per car to the animal markets near the borders.

So I hope, you look at he places you buy a pet from to a hair's breadth and at first hand!

If you are - by some reason- absolutely English bulldog centric, you won't find one from a decent breeder here or in an easterneuropean country.
For the purpose of the poor animals who are only abused for making remittance, please chew your plan over,
maybe you can give your heart and a home to another dog, that desperately needs somebody.

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Posted by Soulman-696414 - 8 years ago

Thanks :)

Been thinking of importing one from Hungary as it looks like there are quite many bully breeders there and also some with a very good reputation. Am just worried about that we can't see the dog and play around with it to see if it has the nature that we are looking for. Also not being able to see its parents so you have an idea about how it will look like an adult kinds is a bit sad.

But unless anyone knows someone with bully's who have or will get puppys I think that is the only choice we have as we are not going to pay any of the kennels 2-3K € for a pup as that is just insane.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or has contacts to some breeders in hungary that knows them and can vouch for them etc. Or if I/we should be so lucky someone knows some with pups.

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Posted by rockabillyRebel - 8 years ago

it was just by luck really that i met a young Cyp.man who had to sell it asap as he was going to Greece to study. he bought it from an english lady who had 3 to sell in Dherinia area. i think she must have sold them by now. its been 3 months ago. yes his a cute real pedigree pup. if i hear anything i let u know

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Posted by Soulman-696414 - 8 years ago

Hi Guys/girls, thanks for all the comments, so there ARE actually Bully owners on CY, which is nice :)

Unfortunately the puppy we were supposed to get died, as the mother went into labor during night and she and the pups all died due to birth complications, as the bulldog usually can't handle giving normal birth and have to get a ceasian (or whatever it is called), but that left my wife and I quite sad.

I know Longinos very well (Armandos Bulldogs) and have visited him and his dogs and this puppy was actually from the father of his prime bully, so its very sad that we didnt get it as we have been waiting almost 6 months for this now. I have also spoken to savvas and the other kennels, but they are just outside our price range (€2500-3000)...

So rockabillyRebel where did you get yours? Very curious about it since its in the right price range and sounds like a bargain if its a pedigree Bully, so would be very pleased if you and or anyone could help me and my wife out finding us a bully pup :)

Thanks in advance to you all :)