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Anyone missing two huskys?

Posted by helen13-662685 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Steve5436 - 9 years ago

Went down to help out at the Sanctuary yesterday morning and met these two lovely dogs. How people could dump something that obviously cost a lot of money is beyond me. Both dogs are loving and very friendly... if you are looking for a pair of stunning huskies then these two are worth taking a look at.

There are numerous other dogs (Approx 155 I believe) all looking for new homes in 2010, if you are looking for a dog then look no further than this sanctuary. The work done there is truelly remarkable by a handful of volunteers.

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Posted by Trudi-692905 - 9 years ago

Sorry this Christmas card is late but ...
Mon.4.30 pm..

I had already been down to the village to post a late Christmas card and here i have recieved another one id forgotten to send to...shoes on i write another card with apologies for it missing Christmas ...

Mon 4.50 ..
I spot the two abandoned Huskies that the lady at the local shop had tried to re home,
Some children were throwing stones at them ,one got hit and yelped..i shouted in broken Cypriot to stop ..and got abuse back in broken English ....i followed the dogs trying my best to catch them ...i am afraid of large dogs you see....when a young Cypriot boy helped me ....we tied them to a tree..i told the shop opposite that i would return in about 45 mins and would take them away ....i left ...i phoned a friend who was willing to drive me to any of the shelters ...i phoned ..and phoned ..but couldnt get any help ...not their fault they were all choca block ...then a glimmer of hope ...we went to get the dogs ...we were met by a crowd of men who were going to kill the Savage dogs ....(they were pussycats)....if you know what i mean ..thay had metal pole and wooden battons at the ready in there trucks ...and the police were on their way to shoot them ...(the mens words).....we scrambled them into the car quickly and drove off.....then came the call we were so desperately waiting for From Christine at the Sirius Dog shelter,she said a lady named Ruth would meet us ...The Huskies are now safe and well ...i do hope someone can rehome them together ..they really are very lovely natured dogs ....
7.00pm ..
I return home .

Tuesday 7.30 am
I post your Christmas card ..sorry its late ...but...................

Merry Christmas to one and all, Love Trudi

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Posted by helen13-662685 - 9 years ago

The Huskys are not microchipped or tattooed

They are now in Sirius Sanctuary and see their photo here they are well cared for and nice natured dogs


If anyone wants to adopt them please visit the sanctuary directions are on the website


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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago

hello hele`n

can we have photos to make poster to pets2adopt?

i have 3 huskies missing from larnaka and nicosia(2 from the same house) can u check the website thanks