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Desperate to find homes for some of our dogs

Posted by junemichael - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Billy10 - 8 years ago

Please get in touch with pets2adopt http://www.pets2adopt.com/

email: cypruscm@cytanet.com.cy

I believe they will be interested in hearing that there is a person willing to be a contact point in the UK and help to rehome abandoned pets there and they will help.

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Posted by andrew ment - 8 years ago


ive just visited your facebook page, http://www.cypruscatrescue.co.uk/,  great stuff, very inspiring.

as i said before, finding homes here is easier than finding homes in cyprus, by a country mile.

please get in touch with any ideas on how to do this on a limited budget (for your animals and my mothers).

of course, between myself and yourself, the easy part is finding the homes once the animals are here, the hard part is getting them here ?

are any vets in cyprus willing to do pet passports at cost ?, or are they all determined to make money on each rabies shot/bloodtest ?

all i know is that the vet in paralimni is very very expensive and will make a lot of money from getting my mothers cats ready to travel.

im very willing to help with some financial and logistical support to help get our animals to their new homes here, but can we do it as cheaply as possible or with some help from other organizations ?

please let me know your thoughts

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Posted by andrew ment - 8 years ago


are you an individual or charity ?, sterling work helping 80 animals in cyprus (i know how hard it is, only a few good people who make an effort on an island full of animal abuse and neglect).

i live in cumbria uk and there really is not a dog/cat stray problem here, in fact the pounds are very selective when it comes to finding homes for animals, they even turn well meaning potential adoptees down for not having a big enough garden/car ! ! etc.

if you can get animals here from cyprus then i assure you good homes are easily found.

the reason i am replying to your post is that my mother lives in cyprus and has 21 stray cats in her small apartment.its a real struggle.

i have tried to find homes for them on this cyprus forum, but no takers im afraid, far too many abandoned animals in cyprus, and an indolent uncaring corrupt cyprus goverment that makes no efforts to help the plight of animals in cyprus, so its up to the few good individuals like yourself to make a difference.

i have decided that getting animals out of cyprus is the best bet, and i would be very gratefull to know how you manage to get so many out of cyprus (if i understand your post correctly ?), i really need some pointers as to the cheapest way (cheapest vets/organizations to do pet passport etc) to rescue animals to a better life here, i would love to get my mothers cats over here, at least i will then be able to rehome them.she is unable to cope with them all in a small apartment and on just a small pension.

i am willing to help others like yourself rehome pets here in the uk, but i certainly need help to get my mothers cats here also, anyone interested ?

thanks for reading this, and keep up the good work