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Dog Fatally Poisoned In Kolossi Last Night

Posted by tarynlb - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by connor-670505 - 9 years ago

Have been in Cyprus for over 20 years now and as far as I can see this sick act of poisoning cats & dogs is getting worse not better.

The only advice I can offer fellow dog owners is...........

If you take your dog for a walk ensure it is on a lead and MUZZLED..! The muzzle will prevent the dog from licking or eating anything it comes across.

Do not stick to the same daily route when walking your pet....there are sicko's out there who could monitor your routine and plant poison accordingly.

Some people may not like to see their dog muzzled....however its for the animals own protection. Far better than the possible alternative.

I would ensure that my own dogs were muzzled whether it be in a town centre, a walk through a sleepy village or even out on open ground in the middle of nowhere.

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Posted by sunnydaysincyprus - 9 years ago

Yes this is a common problem, I have overheard local people complaining of dogs being left outside to bark at passers by which seems to upset those living around the area.

I found this utterly disgusting as i can hear around 15 dogs barking at any one time in Kolossi and about 90% of these are the hunting dogs which are tied up all day and night and never walked until its hunting season.

Although we are a nation of animal lovers, we are often frowned upon for allowing our pets to live in the house.

I have chatted to my neighbours (who are brits) that they shouldn't allow their dogs to bark all day because of exactly this.

Its really sad that we cannot allow our pets to roam our own private gardens due to the fear that they may get posioned.

I really feel for your neighbour and hope that one day this will all end, but until they find a way of stopping these callus people, we will just have to be extra vigilant.

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Posted by tarynlb - 9 years ago

This dog was outside her house :(

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Posted by sunnydaysincyprus - 9 years ago

We also live in Kolossi and this is not a surprise!

There have been many dogs and cats killed by poison over the years.

The best advice I have is to always walk your dog on a lead and never allow it to wander into anybody's garden. Especially the ones where they are growing fruit or veg.

It is illegal to put poison down in an unfenced off area but as we know most of these fruit tree areas are not fenced in and there is posion around.

My neighbour once posioned my cat with linate (i think thats how its spelt) and when i spoke to the police i was told that my neighbours has the right to put down poison in his own garden provided it was fenced and gated off from the general public.

Another area which many dog walkers use is the far left hand side of Curium beach. This is littered with poison, so if you do walk your dog along there, please keep your dog on a lead to avoid this heartbreaking and often fatal situation

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Posted by tarynlb - 9 years ago

The police were informed straight away and they came round very quickly!!

I don't think they will find out who did this to be honest... No-one saw anyone near her house!

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

I am so sorry to hear about the poor dog.I have had this done to my animals too and it is an indescribeable pain and hurt you are all feeling from this purpose awful act on an innocent creature.

If you can go to the Police Station and get it recorded and inform the Government vet,they are supposed to find out who did this and they can be prosecuted.

I know it doesn't feel right at the moment,but to stop these people there are new laws now where the Police and Government must act.

Once again my thoughts are with you.