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Dog poo

Posted by steffnixon - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by JMC-684723 - 9 years ago

I saw a wonderful thing in the pet shop yeaterday for the avid dog walker! It is called "Poop Patrol"! Basically, it is a little pot that clips onto any type of lead and is a plastic bag dispenser! Kind of like those toilet roll dispensers that you find in public toilets where you pull the toilet paper from the bottom of the unit (only on a much smaller scale!). They were quite reasonably priced as well. No excuses for anyone not to pick up their pets' mess if you'ver got a bag dispenser attached to the lead!!

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

Hi Ida

Like you I always thought dog pee was harmless. My chihuahuas just produced a little and i thought - well it's just water.

But once I was minding a friend's house in a village. in the evening the Brits would walk their dogs and, as you know, males like to lift their leg. Cypriot people on their porches were very angry and they explained to my husband (who is Cypriot) that they think it's disgusting for people to let their dogs pee on their fence or whatever.

(Well, it figures if you think how much time many of them spend sweeping and how much water they waste cleaning the pavement).

I think in the past when there was an epidemic of echinococcus, it was passed from the dogs who had it in their urine. So, yes, pee is as bad a s poo.

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Posted by DAVE AND SHEILA - 9 years ago

We live in a small village outside Limassol. We are dog lovers, but unfortunately don't have the time to have one as a pet. We are constantly clearing up dog toilet that local dog walkers fail to clear up. Not only is it inconsiderate dog walkers, but also neighbours that allow their dogs out unattended, mostly throughout the night. It is also the pets allowed out at night that overturn dustbins (hence making a haven for the many, many cats also in our street), but it also means that gates have to be closed every time we come in and out in the daytime, or else we also find dog toilet in the garden. We live in a small residential area and have tried on numerous ocassions to speak to the respective dog owners. Unfortunately they dont give a toss about anybody else's property and dont see it as a problem. The hardest thing I find very hard to understand is that the owners concerned are all British!!

I hope the persons responsible are reading this, because, as previous people have said it is the odd few dog owners tarring every other dog owner with the same brush. Come on, you would'nt do this back in the UK, so why here?

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Posted by Ida-690469 - 9 years ago

Yes, thank you!

I am so sad, because I always try to avoid such arguments with citizens, I try to respect all the rules I know so far...
If she really calls the police, I hope that they will realize too, that they may have other more important things to do out there.

Poor dogs, cannot be trained enough :)

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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

Ida I have got to agree that is really ridiculous! Poo is one thing but pee???!

Maybe we will have to potty train our dogs!

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Posted by Ida-690469 - 9 years ago

First of all: I always collect the poo after my dog. Really, always.

But what do you think about dog pee? Is it the same category? I think it is not. The other day a "nice" "lady" yelled at me because I didn't cover my female dog's pee with dust. Note, that this place was an extremely littered, not-really-used parking place and she claimed that there may be children playing around there or she could step in it... That's a little ridiculous. She even said that next time she will call the police!

I did some research but found nothing about dog pee or even dog poo. Could they fine me if I don't do anything with the pee??

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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

Great idea catmeister. Thanks I will do that !


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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

download a sign that says NO DOG POO allowed, laminate it and stick in on or near your letter box. That way your neighbours will guess the dog poo obviously does not come from your dog.

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Posted by seebee-678990 - 9 years ago

I agree entirely, but you do have to be careful for fear of retribution, but why should the innocent suffer for the misdeeds of someone else.

We have neighbours who regularly let their dog poo outside of our house, but I do not say anything because of my dog being the brunt of his anger.

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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

I suppose it is some sort of macho thing that means he cant pick up after his dog, completely stupid of course but I sense that he is quite posey and the dog (a very large boxer) is all part of his big man image.

Not clearing up your dogs mess is inexcusable, and to let your dog do it at someone's letterbox, and have them question you about it then STILL walk away and leave it is just pathetic. I bagged it myself and binned it only as my husband was worried of any repercussions if I were to return it to the owner. And I see your point also maid marrian about the poor dog maybe taking the brunt of it.