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Don't fall into the same trap as me

Posted by Anna007 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

As they are refusing to grant you a license, I think it would be a good idea for you to ask them these questions..

1) Do they have a ''Dog Pound''? (By law they MUST)
2)Where is it, if they have one?
3)Do they have a micro chip scanner to read the strays in case they have a chip?
4)Who do you call when after they close at 2pm on a Friday for the weekend, and you happen to find a starved,flea and tick ridden dog,sick with worms etc..when they are closed?
My guess is they don't have one.
In Athienou Larnaca, dogs were put in an open cage(no shade /shelter) without water or food.A dead dog which vet dept said was 10 days old had been half eaten in order for them to survive..one dog was pregnant, another dog was curled up sick and dying(thanks to the vet,now survived), and the other dog was hallucinating due to lack of water. The proof is on CALF (Cyprus Animal Liberation Front face book page) where they show the photos of life for dogs in Cyprus.

If your Municipality do not have these things,or have, but refuse you to see the ''pound'', then they can be prosecuted.
If you do not want to do this..please let me meet you and show me where they are, and I will find out.
You take in strays off the streets because you care..the children are taught ''respect, and love with compassion''..it is WRONG that these people treat good people like this, and the only people breaking laws is them. Message me privately if you wish...and any other concerned people also. None of us live in Cyprus to take on other's responsibilities, and everyone has had enough.Shelters are over populated, and we hear of priests shooting dogs for 10 euros in one village to ''get rid'',this subject is endless. You only have to see how many postings on Anglo show demand for homes for strays found.

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Posted by larissabelle - 8 years ago

We live in Potamos Germasolia - Limassol, Germasolia council.

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

What area do you live in?

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Posted by larissabelle - 8 years ago

Thank you Anna. We registered all the dogs in a gov. vet registration department when they was 6 mns old. They have books, microchips, vaccinated. When we went with the papers to council they told us that they will not register even one dog until we get rid off other 3 and they come and check that all the dogs are gone except for one. I said that we can keep 2 dogs by the law of your council, she said no because they have a complain on us. We had an argument, "she" was reading the law to me in Greek which I clearly understood that it said one dog per house owner or each adult which means that we can have 2. They did not registered our dogs. It has been 3 month, the pups are grown up, the one that came back to us after 4 weeks is pregnant, I believe, so we will have more fun specially my children, but there is always a fear of the council turning up on us. I keeping the dogs quiet as I can so neighbours do not complain again. So far so good till babies come!

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

There is NO LAW which says the number of dogs that you can have!! The Municipality tried that one on me saying to get rid of the dogs and that I was only allowed 2. This number of 2 dogs only relates to shepherds and hunters when they WALK /Work the dogs. The problem here in Cyprus is that they all profess to be lawyers..yet they are confused over the laws and therefore the Municipality feel they can say what they want to.(I have gone through 12 lawyers so far and they all tell me different things!!)
If you have 4 dogs..you can have 4 dogs!! You register them at the main Government vet dept which is free..all you take is the pet book of vaccinations and micro chip. They will put in their computer and give you a paper for each dog which you take to the Municipality and pay the 20 euros for.......HOWEVER..I do not know your area, but I can assure you that by law EVERY municipality should have a ''dog pound'' to collect your strays, and I can assure you...they DO NOT!! Just recently a ''DOG POUND'' in Atheniou was found to be a cage all open fields, without shade,water or food, with 4 dogs in it which had been left for over 10 days, and had to start eating a dog which had died and one dog was near to death when found and one was very pregnant. If you look on Face Book CALF Cyprus Animal Liberation Front page you will see the evidence/photos.There are many cages like this which people are not aware of..and it needs to be stopped!

The 20 Euros you pay is supposed to go to having a ''Dog Pound'', and I highly advise that anyone who pays a license asks to see it before you pay....Someone refused to pay their dog license at Kiti because the Municipality woman said they had a wonderful shelter...only to find it was an unsheltered cage on the workshop court yard with one foot of excrement covering the floor and a little dog trying to get out. The dog was immediately set free to run around and the men who worked there were forced to clean it out!! The licensed paying woman subsequently took the dog home with her!!
Therefore many people are refusing to pay for the license and all they do is threaten court action. If they do..come back to me!!
One of the charges against me was for having 7 stray dogs without licenses which they had to drop due to the General Attorney intervening on my behalf due to my informing him of strays in my area not having a dog shelter, and being a nurse sustaining life, I could not allow them to be killed within the 15 day law, and also because the Municipality did not bother with their commitments to try to find the owners or to rehome them...so I very much doubt any Municipality would win that one!!..so keep these dogs if you want them..and throw in how you are teaching your children to being responsible animal carers for their adult hood, and not as some who keep their dog's in a cage also chained up which there is no law against..also shown on CALF's wall!!
Another point to mention is to find out your ''dog pound'' position first and if they have one, If they do..then micro chip and license..reason is once you microchip them..legally they become yours!If they do not..then you can win your argument.

For your info........http://argossanctuary.catsboard.com/t48-cyprus-dog-law-your-responibilities

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Posted by Alassa - 8 years ago

This is absolutely shocking. I have six dogs - all rescued from the streets and no one will make me give up a single one. They are all fully microchipped and the Mukhtar takes his money every year so as long as I pay my dues its no one elses business. They do bark when the bin man or postman goes by but thats to be expected. I do not let them bark at any other time. It may be helpful that all my neighours are British though and most are dog owners themselves. The treatment of animals in this country is appalling and the Government should be thanking all the people who take in strays or who help in sanctuaries to try and make a small difference to the lives of these innocent creatures. Its shameful.

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Posted by larissabelle - 8 years ago

Hi Anna. I know how you feel. We have 4 dogs one for each child, we grew them from pups. New Neighbours complained to the council and they told us to get rid of 3 dogs or we will be fined. My children got really upset but we have no choice. We gave one dog to a good family, the other one was given away but she CAME BACK after 4 weeks, in the meen time someone has dumpt a small dog outside our gate, I adopted it so now we back to begining - 4 dogs. Every day I tie 2 dogs around the back so council can not see them if they come, one in a house and one barking at the front gate. It has been 10 weeks since this all started and we have been living in a fear for our dogs and the fine that we can get. I contacted all the animal assosiation in Cyprus but no help , they all say - GET RID OFF THE DOGS. What can we do? Who can I give the 2 small dogs? How can they do that?

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Hi Nikitaconway

There is a new Dog Shelter opening in Nicosia I am told.I believe Sharon who runs the other shelter will be running it which will be good. No petitions necessary. However this will fill up quickly especially as the Municipality's chase up on licenses, more will be dumped,plus Hunters will ''get rid'' in February/March end of Hunting season..that's as long as they haven't all shot each other by then! Hospitals report an increase this year already!!

Limassol have found other land thankfully I am also informed. It would be good if Cyprus could form together just the major shelters and get rid of the dog pounds in order to gain more control on the dogs which go missing. Too many people have their ''fingers in the pies'' and many dogs do not end up with their owners, they are often sold off and mistreated, if lucky re homed to someone else, or sent to their death.

Maid Marion..I understand where you are coming from. I have taken dogs back with me to the UK and it has cost me Sterling 20,000 in total! They are certainly much happier and settled there in new homes, including cats; however I cannot afford to take back 6 dogs and 8 cats now so am stuck here. being here on and off, things have improved with more people caring..however there is also a lot of evil and on a daily basis.I am happy you have taken yours to safety as too many people have had their animals poisoned and it is devastating.

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Posted by Nikitaconway - 8 years ago

are there any petitions in Nicosia? the dog shelter in limassol are having trouble keeping it open I don't know all information but the government want to close it, thousands of people signed the petition and for now it stays. maybe we could fight to get a dog shelter in Nicosia, I know many people who would volunteer to help, with walking food, and even help set it up.
I think that it is defenatly needed!

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Posted by maid marian-667424 - 8 years ago

Boy are we glad we left Cyprus when we did and returned to the UK with the 3 dogs that were dumped on us. We would never have left them there and we are so glad we didn't as they are so loveble and all they ask is food love walks and cuddles. Our advise is if you can move out of Cyprus and take your animals with you. Although there is cruelty in the UK as well it will never ever be like it is in Cyprus. God Bless all you animal lovers.