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Don't fall into the same trap as me

Posted by Anna007 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Hopefully on Sigma tonight on the 08.20pm evening news they will show me with the ''offending'' dogs which dared to bark at a police woman outside my gate and to which the neighbour(not my other neighbours) consider to be a nuisance!
If not tonight just keep watching...sorry most will be in Greek,,but I speak in english, as other priority cases come out during the day to push it out of it's slot.
Due to this having hit the newspapers it seems a manic trip to get anti bark collars which is the worst thing to do!!
Please report if you start to see these electric collars being used as they are illegal,
Not to be confused with Citronella collars...but which may be ok but not nice for the dog ..only needs to be used once.
However in the UK we have to be licenced to use these,,and mostly only the Police can use them in very extreme cases.
To understand the way they think here ibeggers belief,,if there wasn't enough cruelty here..now they just add to it and of course I feel very strongly about this case.
Good news for those who have followed this..the 2nd court case against me regarding the Municipality I won...they withdrew the case, so I am proved innocent! Now this is good for my appeal!!

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Hi loulouj,
Cyprus is still a lovely climate to live in, compared to the UK. It is such a tiny Island as half being Turkish that we see things daily here regarding the animals situation.
I would like to say that my case is rare,but I am being made aware that there are another 5 similar cases which have been brought to my attention. I am planning to move and would certainly advise to rent having bought my home many years ago which I had problems with(another problem here in Cyprus with people being greedy and trying to rip us off).However I have a daughter and need to find her a home so she can feel stable and secure in, so willprobably have to buy...however it is not that easy to sell as too many places have been built,so cannot get away from a bad situation as quickly...unless you nip on an aeroplane back home...but not so easy with animals in tow!
There are certainly more people around now who help you, but be aware the knowledge on this Island from even the Highest levels is very out dated and for us is confusing as they don't have the Sophistication and education and experiences as we do and from other EU countries which makes it very frustrating.There are Good people on this Island and I think we need to make a leaflet with a directory of who to trust and who knows best!Anglo info has been an invaluable source in helping others.
I have to say that it is only one of my many neighbours who has caused me upset and problems and I know of others who have had problems with their own nationality, so we cannot say it's Cyprus.
Paphos outskirts are very beautiful, and as long as you keep your dogs safe with you (be aware of poisonings), don't live too close to others ..and be careful where you are allowed to walk them, then you should be OK.Teach your dogs not to take food from out side or strangers,very easy to do in one lesson.

Regarding herbie's reply.. it has been a nightmare on a daily basis. I went to see an MP yesterday and he worked out I have 5 separate cases going on all at once and regarding all work with animals.(I also rescued a dying 7 week old Puppy noosed up with rope AND wire) and the Government Vet Dept wanted me to return it to their owner or I would be done for trespass and stealing!!Luckily now I know good people who are qualified and so have to help show how to prosecute their own,,,as I feel aggrieved I am the one who get's into trouble.
The Municipality are now going to send me to court because I have recycling materials in my garage which can be seen from the road!!

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Posted by herbie-671696 - 9 years ago

I just cannot believe what I am reading! This is absolutely ludicrous.

I feel for you and all that you have been through.

Where is it stated that a dog cannot bark if someone walks to your

gate/door etc?

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Posted by loulouj - 9 years ago

Oh gosh! I have just read this thread. We have two dogs who will bark if someone goes past/near the house (quite rightly as connor and cinnamon posted: protecting/warning us). We currently have our house in the UK on the market with a view to moving to Cyprus (Pahpos area).....should we change our plans????

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Hi Annie
Yes, it's true, it is a requirement to have signs up..however even tho' I have 4 signs it didn't stop my neighbour from trespassing on my property and getting away with it. It carries a 3 month prison sentence so when one of my rescue dog's nipped him on the leg..this is what started their complaint about the dogs on me and landed ME in trouble!!The judge wouldn't accept my reason and thus the dog's and I were found guilty of them barking at the Police woman who knew my neighbours!!
The problem if I do not appeal will lead to many more upsets for people in Oroklini as the residents have been sent out in both Greek and English (well done to the Municipality) a leaflet regarding Dogs. In one part it mentions the dog's making noise making a nuisance.Quote...''TAKE ALL MEASURES NEEDED SO AS TO AVOID ANY DISTURBANCE CAUSED BY CONTINUOUS LOUD BARKING OF THE PET'' Everyone should write to the Municipality (no proof if you just ask) and ask them how they define ''continuous, and loud.
For instance in the UK the council provide the equipment to the person complaining which measures times and lengths, also sound levels/decibels etc. There is also a time limit, for so many HOURS a day and obviously an allowance for just barking say at a cat or someone passing past your door.This is then acceptable in court proceedings.
Here nothing like this exists, and they have no knowledge of dogs and their behaviour,let alone how to care for them properly. The law as far as I can gather states that if someone is on public property..i.e. the road, and hears your dog bark, they can report you for your dog being a nuisance to them. This is why I was intimidated by certain people thinking it was fun to keep walking past my house every ten minutes to wind up the dogs..but they can walk where they like!!
If this case is not won,,this will allow an example case to pass through the legal system which they can use as a way to judge future cases.This police woman judged the time my dogs barked as 10 minutes which was not true,neither did she even have a watch on..however this has been recorded and thus my fine,
If someone in Oroklini says someone's dog barked for longer than 10 minutes because the owner popped down to the shops..then they can be prosecuted,,,and you can go to prison for this!!
I do not have to tell you how things are in Cyprus as they are not as ''au fait'' as us.People will tell you it's hard to prove,but take it from me..it's who you know still existing!!

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Posted by ScattyAnnie - 9 years ago

I read somewhere that if you have a dog you have to have a "Beware of the dog" sign. Is there any truth in this?

I cannot believe the Cyp govt's attitude toward cruelty towarrds dogs / cats / horses. Will they ever learn!

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Thank you Gata for your support and I will be in touch with you. You are already trying to home one of my strays and I sincerely thank you. I am still holding onto him despite the 15 days now where he was due to be euthanised. He is so sweet we are obviously attached to him so the fight is still going on but it only a matter of time. I heard today that there is a law going through which is trying to make anyone owning dogs only to have 2 dogs, as it was proved that no such law existed.
This once again will cause problems for those who have rescued and kept more but who pay licenses! I don't know why they allow dogs on this part of the Island if they don't want them to bark/speak,and only 2 per household when there are 8 to 10 squashed in cages and when the authorities check on them and complain to the owners they get rid of their dogs!
There will be more abandoned dogs and more pressure on the shelters and individuals who are working hard to help at their own financing. They are opening another shelter in Nicosia but fail to see that this will fill up and is not addressing the real problem of neutering.Paphiakos have been lobbying for many many years to make this awareness and education,but it falls on deaf ears.
Only today did I find out that because I took a dying puppy off a deserted piece of land, noosed up with wire and rope,without water and shade, that I can be done for trespassing,and was told by the Authority to return the dog which thanks to our vet, Maria at Noah's ark.my daughter and myself..is lucky to be alive!Thankfully I have support of other Authorities to keep the pup.
There seems to be an absence of Animal Welfare here and I thought things would get better but it seems anyone who cares has to fight all the time.Meanwhile animals are dying every day.
There is a petition on Care2 causes website regarding tell the Cyprus Government to stop ignoring animal cruelty. Please ask people to sign if they feel they would like to.We can but try.

Sincere thanks for your support Olive

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Posted by hards-695367 - 9 years ago

Hi Anna

I cannot believe what I have just read.I am also an animal lover and find this unbelievable.

What is wrong with these people?You are a good and kind person.I wish you all the very best my dear.God Bless you.

Olive Hards.

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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago

hello anna, sorry to hear that

i know a case few years ago that she had more than 30 dogs on the center of limassol and she won the case once shelter and pounds in limassol was NOT EXISTING at that time..

so in the court you have to tell that the muktar on your area DONT HAVE any permisses for any stray dogs AS THE LAW is saying..and ppl learn about your pet feelings and come and abandonded them on your house. and as a consern person you are u cant let dogs in the streets to help reducing the number of strays.

if you want any help or even support from my association (pets2adopt) in your case we can do together something and find ways to let ur case close. email me cypruscm@cytanet.com.cy

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Posted by JJMally-687816 - 9 years ago

We have had dogs bark every night from 11pm right through till roughly 6am. My son had to do his I.G.C.S.E. exams this year and couldnt get enough sleep. Will see next week how he has got on.
We have a dog and she is so good that she didnt even bark at the dog and she was rescued as well.