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Effect of chlorine on dog's coat

Posted by genypha - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by genypha - 8 years ago

Thanks for your input! The vinegar/lemon juice idea sounds common sense although I won't do it too often. As you say, re-growth will come back to its natural colour so autumn/winter time willl see him back to normal! Thank you again :)

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Posted by pkb1 - 8 years ago

unfortunately the colour will stay unless you treat it each swim! its not actually the chlorine that causes the problem but rather metal compounds, [mostly copper] in algesides, the chlorine actually cause the metals to oxidise causing the "green" problem. Blond ladies combat this by covering their hair with a cap or conditioner before swimming, but not easy with a canine!...............the tomato based rinse is the best option, but as you say, expensive, tomato juice or soup work eaqualy as well.

so, until he/she stops swimming you are stuck with the problem, of course as the coat sheds it will come through the natural colour, sorry i cant be much more help but a thorough rinse with vinegar or lemon juice as the final rinse [ diluted half a cup to about 3 gallons] avoiding the eye area of course should help somewhat.