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English speaking vet?

Posted by junemichael - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Flump-668600 - 7 years ago

Dr's Nikolas and Annie in Peyia are excellent. They are Cypriot and Greek respectively but before opening their own practice on the island, both worked in various UK practices for several years so understand the level of service and facilities on offer in the UK and therefore what many ex-pats ahave been used to. PARC use them and I have seen practice there (I'm a UK veterinary nurse) and would use them for my own animals if I ever moved to Cyprus permanently.


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Posted by achilleas - 7 years ago

There are dozens on the island that speak English - I know of 2 in Paphos and 3 in Nicosia that do.

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Posted by saltie - 7 years ago

all vets we know in Paphos speak english

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Posted by mcgeo - 7 years ago

Thank you Junemichael and Thelma for the advice. I am trying to help a friend who has a very old dog who has prostrate problems. They are worried about the state of some of the surgeries they have seen here.

Many thanks

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Posted by thelma-703801 - 7 years ago

there is a dynamic young English speaking vet in Parekklisia area his name is Stelios 99-767474 really is a compassionate guy and knows his stuff!

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Posted by junemichael - 7 years ago

99587082. Be warned though he is very expensive. Our cat had a small lump removed from its ear but it came back so we took her to Harris. We are a charity and he still charged us a lot to remove the lump again. At the time I spoke to him about her kidney disease and showed him her blood results because I was worried about her having heavy anaesetic, he told us the damage to her kidney's was very little. 6 weeks after the operation our poor cat died through kidney failure! Poor little girl.

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Posted by mcgeo - 7 years ago


Do you have a telephone number for Dr Harris Petevinos, as I am having difficulty trying to locate a website.

Many Thanks

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Posted by embracetheworld - 9 years ago

I agree, Harris Petevinos is the best vet. I'm really glad you took your cat to him. My dog was very, very ill... there was no hope for her, and only a miracle could save her. Harris tried his best.. I know he did, but unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to put it) God chose to take her. I am still confident that he is an excellent vet and I will always take my pet's to him. He's someone you can trust. I am just happy now that you found this thread, and you were able to save your cat. Despite the bad, something good always happens, and I'm happy your cat is making a recovery.

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Posted by allets7 - 9 years ago

Hi guys !
I just joined JUST so i can post a reply to who I think is THE BEST VET ON THE ISLAND !!
A bit of background : My cat kitty was torn apart by another cat/dog who knows, she had 2 holes on both her side wich would NOT close ! We had taken her to 4 different doctors and the last doctor reposnded with "well shes an old cat, and if her wound opens up again , just let her die on her own" I WAS APPALLED !!! I started yelling and arguing with the vet. (mind you this is the same vet that when my chihuahua got hit by a car, he "had" to be put to sleep cause of a spine injury"
anywho - i was tired of all the crazys that i was going to so i googled "best vet in cyprus" and it brought me to this thread.
I ended up taking my kitty to DR. HARRIS PETEVINOS http://www.petcarecyprus.com/html/dr_harris_petevinos_exotic_vet.html
because she was not able to eat and every time she ate she would have seizure like symptoms , jumping in the air screaming in pain !! i was sooo scared that i couldnt trust her with the old vet. after taking her to DR. Harris he found out that she had 2 rotten teeth which were causing her gums to swell and were causing so much pain ! he also cleaned her wound that was sewn. put her antibiotics and pulled her teeth . :)
she is happier than i have EVER seen her !! i wouldnt trust ANY OTHER VET ON THE ISLAND !!!
he is wonderful , friendly, and thorough!! i give him 2 THUMBS UP !!

p.s i was also informed that my chihuahua shouldnt have been put to sleep that he could have had a chance to live . !!

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Posted by junemichael - 9 years ago

We had given up hope with the vets and investigated what could be the cause of our cats problem ourselves, with success, through the internet. Many hours but eventually we realised he could either have Giardia or Coccidiosis. We found the necessary drugs, with a lot of hard work as not all available in Cyprus, and tried curing him first of one parasite and then the other and he is much better now. It has been over a month and he is better and holding his food in and actually doing a pretty good toilet - not perfect but perfect enough to keep him alive! Although our only problem now is that if he did have one of those parasites he could now be a carrier so we cannot let him out and sadly will have to find a home for him where he is kept inside the house at all times and with no other pets so he does not give the disease to any other pet. We love him very much but have no option because we are cat/dog rescue and cannot take the risk of him infecting our other rescues or any future rescues. We have had Buddy 3 years so will be sad to send him to a new home, we are just happy he is OK now. Who needs a vet!!