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experience with hamsters

Posted by sheilalange - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago


I'm not sure but the pet shop next to Metro (by the 'Big Tree') might have hamster stuff. And there's another pet shop on the airport road opposite the Eko petrol station (or is that one of the Faneromeni ones you went to?)

Our kids played with their hamsters a lot and had great fun. [Also enjoyed watching the little creatures fill their cheek pouches with food then run off into a corner and hide the food.]

We did temporarily 'lose' a hamster that had been allowed out of its cage though. Found it a few nights later: it had climbed up at the back of one of the beds and was inside the headboard and integral bedside units. Gave itself away by the sound of its gnawing!

We trained the hamsters to use the jar by putting a small amount of soiled sawdust in it; they adopted it straight away. They actually like to be clean. [As ksenia said, you can get hamster litter now].

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Posted by CoupeBabe - 9 years ago

Bear in mind hamsters are nocturnal by nature and sometimes do not take kindly to handling during the day when kids tend to be awake !!!! With a lot of gentle handling though they can be great pets x

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Posted by sheilalange - 9 years ago

I'd read that Syrian hamsters definitely want to be alone, but the others might accept company, but all are fine alone. Our thought had been two hamsters with two cages (one for each boy), but just in case they get the bright idea to put the two together, we still want to be sure to have same-gender hamsters! LOL

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Posted by ksenia-666450 - 9 years ago

Sheila, hamsters do not really like the company - they fight. In nature they are single animals and each hamster has its own territory, they do not live in groups. I heard, that so called Russian hamsters ( they are smaller then Syrian hamsters) are good to each other, when raised together, but I have two of them now and the older they are - the more they fight. If it will not change in near future I will start looking for another home for one of them.

My hamsters were going to the toilet to one particular corner of the cage, so I put a small plastic container there, put in some hamster litter ( they do have things like that now too..) and they accepted it as a toilet. I also bought a special litter box for hamsters, but they use it as a place to groom in peace :)

They are funny pets, my daughter is enjoying them a lot ! :)

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Posted by sheilalange - 9 years ago

No, we don't want lots of hamsters--just one or possibly two, and hopefully we can tell them apart well enough to get two of the SAME gender! Friends of ours have rabbits that have been breeding like...well, rabbits.

I love the idea of "toilet training" the hamsters--I didn't see anything like that in what I read! How do you convince the hamster that it's a good idea?

We went to the pet store across from Mother Care and Marks and Spencers, as the first two pet stores we checked (in Faneromeni) didn't have any animals, just pet supplies. It would be good to have a look at another--thanks. :-)


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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Be warned they breed quickly, frequently and endlessly.... be careful unless you want scores of them.

Fun to watch, and you can teach them to use a jamjar laid on its side as a 'loo' making cage-cleaning easy.

Which pet shop did you try for cages etc? I think the one in town near Costa Coffee usually has loads of hamster stuff.

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Posted by JMC-684723 - 9 years ago

They're fun to watch, can be a bit smelly and are a bit fragile! My brother had a couple and I was always a bit parenoid of picking them up in case I broke them! They don't live very long. A couple of years or so, I think. Price sounds about right though. Check at the Thrift Shop in Larnaca before you buy the cage just incase they have one for sale. Good luck!!