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Facts about animal welfare law in Cyprus

Posted by stellaluna-664983 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Hi Stellaluna,
The Animal Welfare laws here are very good, just don't always get the right people to implement them to the people causing the offenses.
In regard to informing the local Muktar, what do you do when it is their relative living next door to you who hates dogs and causes trouble for the dogs one rescues off the street that are each paid for individually by licence despite not wanting them in the first instance, due to no dog pound .... by law... in the area and the fact that healthy dogs are euthanised after 15 days by law?...So they take you to court? ...And you get fined a hefty fine or put in prison because .....(I cannot state on here in case I breech conditions)
All the shelters are full and near to bankrupt,with over 500 dogs around the Larnaca area alone, waiting to be homed and well over 500 dogs a month being killed because of over breeding etc.
A new shelter in Nicosia being set up will only become full within a short space of time,so will they be putting them up all over Cyprus?
Surely prevention is better; but the vicious circle is that once again you have to get the right people in the Government to educate the people who need to be educated and that is a very large per centage of Cyprus area.
As to the veterinary services who do a reasonable job,they also have their hands tied in certain situations, what chances are there for some of these animals on the Island?