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Flying pets back to the UK - Horses mouth

Posted by suzig123 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by seebee-678990 - 9 years ago


You are quite correct it is 6 months from the blood test not from the rabies jab.

Cyprus airways are really good, could recommend them to anyone.

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Posted by helen13-662685 - 9 years ago

Hi Suzi

Great information but I just want to clarify for anyone who wants to follow what you did. You missed out one step when getting the passport for your rescue dog.

You will have had the Rabies vaccination and then 4 weeks after this you will have returned to the Vet for the Rabies antibody blood test (cost about €130). It is 6 months from this blood test that the dogs passport becomes valid to enter the Uk without quarantine

Here is a link for calculating the size of box your dog needs and this applies to all airlines. http://cyuat.baplc.com/biztools/pcst.shtml