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Flying pets with Cyprus Airways

Posted by boogieboy1 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by kip-677807 - 9 years ago

could you tel me where petstop is thanks

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Posted by maid marian-667424 - 9 years ago

We flew our three dogs back to the UK in May to Manchester. We did it all thru Sharon at Petstop in Larnaca and she was fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend her and Cyprus Airways. She was vewry reasonable as well with all of her charges. We couldn't believe how smoothly everything went.

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Posted by suzig123 - 9 years ago

Hi just posted a load of info on Cyprus Airways 5/09/09 just flown 3 dogs with them would highly recomend.

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Posted by seebee-678990 - 9 years ago

To avoid confusion if it going into the UK that you want then I must tell you that pets are not allowed to enter the UK as Excess baggage, they must be booked as cargo. UK rules are that all AVI (live animals) must enter as cargo and must go to the the Animal Reception Centre for clearance before being released to the owner.

Ohter european countries will accept pets as Excess Baggage but you cannot just turn up with them you must tell the airline at the time yolu book your ticket. If you are going to UK via any airline you will have to book via their cargo department and the people to call for CY Air are Andreas,George or Louis on 22590800.

Coming into Cyprus you can bring animals in as excess baggage but not returning.

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Posted by boogieboy1 - 9 years ago

Thanks again for all your replys. I already have his sky kennel and he has his pet passport etc because I brought him over from the u.k 18 months ago. I just needed your veiws on Cyprus airways because he has to be flown into the u.k via England because although I flew him out of Scotland you cannot fly him back in there as they don't have an animal reception unit at any of the Scottish airports .Crazy I know but that's how it is. I will be giving Cyprus Airways a call soon to get the exact details . THANKS AGAIN FOR THE REASSURANCE.


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Posted by phelps - 9 years ago

I have just come back from the USA via NW and Cyprus airways and this is the 3rd time I have done this. Providing the dog has a pet passport, up to date on innocs and a rabies titre etc he will travel as excess baggage rate assuming you travel with your pet. The cost for 23 kilos total (Condo and dog) was €175 outbound, $230 return, about the same.

One important thing is to get an IATA approved condo (crate whatever) a few weeks before leave its door open at home so the dog can get used to it and treat it as a den.

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Posted by pkb1 - 9 years ago

this from the CA pet travel page

During peak periods, Pets may be carried only in the Hold and will be charged with a fixed rate of 120 EUR per sector. In the cases where the charge of the excess rate is higher than the fixed rate then the higher charge will apply.

this is the way we bought our 5 in...............3 beagles 2 american cockers so all about the same size.

this is the full link to their pet page


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Posted by arfawkes-670728 - 9 years ago

I can help. We took our dog, ( rescue / foster dog ), from Larnaca to Paris in June, returning a week ago by air with Cyprus airways. They provided an excellent service in both directions. You must have a Pet Passport and have the dog certified as acceptable for travel in the previous 48 hours prior to travel in both directions. We paid 11.50 Euros(or thereabouts), per Kilogram including the box / cage which has to be an approved design. Your local vet will provide you with all the details. I would recommend CY to you, - they could not have been more helpful. Turn up at the airport an hour ahead of normal check in, having alerted their cargo department that you will have a dog with you. They will take you through the procedure, you can pay by CC for the dog at check in, and the dog appears at the destination on a trolley with a cargo agent. On arrival in LCA from CDG he arrived on the luggage belt ahead of our bags.


Andrew & Jane

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Posted by seebee-678990 - 9 years ago

It is not a standard charge, it is worked out on volumeric weight, what you have to do is take length x width x height of box in cms so for example if box 100 x 60 x 70....this equals 420,000 divide this by 6000 volumeric weight is equal to 70kgs . then they charge approx 4.70 per kg = 329Euros, you then have some other charges approx 30 euros and you have to prepay the Animal reception centre charges for the UK her in Cyrprus, and then depends on the time of day the animal arrives CY332 into Heathrow is 190 Euros, put CY326 which lands out of ARC hours is 285 euros.

You need to phone Cyprus Airways Cargo in Nicosia....22590800 and give the box size, weight of dog and weight of box, and they will tell you just how much.

email me if you need any more help.

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Posted by pkb1 - 9 years ago

i am sure they now have a standard price per animal of 120 euros per section of travel....ie...........here to London= 120 euros but if you then travel up to say Glasgow its another 120 euros......it gives you all the info on their website [ i think under FAQ pet travel, or something like that]....havent got time to look now but if you havent sorted it later i'll go find the link for you