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german shepherd in Ypsonas dumped?

Posted by kerasma - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by kerasma - 8 years ago

correction! not 'legs', just one front leg is shaky, she stands alright and walks with some difficulty but certainly walks, doesnt need any help except to jump in the car. She is not too heavy though as I picked up a few times.

I was advised to call the police but I don't have time/patience to do that as other times I did that it was a bit dissapointing the way the police officers reacted to what I said... (i had called them about a dumped dog again in Ypsonas, in the authority of the British Forces that is, they made a 'recomendation' to the owner and then the dog was gone suddenly. Before the dog was gone, the owner told a neighbor he will SHOOT ''the bastard''). I called the Cypriot police to discuss it and they said I have to have 'evidence' but of course I don't have evidence... So Im not going to call any police again.

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Posted by kerasma - 8 years ago

Hi, unfortunatelly I have confirmation that

1) the leg cannot be fixed, as it was broken for months now
2) the family in YPsonas who owned the dog seems to have deserted it after it broke its legs

Ok, if anyone wants a genuine snowhite gorgeous German Shepherd, pointy ears, lovable honey eyes (very communicative with humans) who also seems to be afraid when left alone in the streets (obviously the poor dog was dumped suddenly there and didnot know how to react), who is GOING TO BE LIMPING for the rest of its life, contact me, as I don't manage two dogs myself and i cannot take it to rehab /hydrotheapy for its leg.

This dog needs a loving family as it seems to be used to such a environment, I often travel and I will not be able to give it the love it is used to/it needs. Also ask your friends if they would like to give it a loving home and therapy. Its about one year old, her teeth are white and strong.

It never barked so far though, but this is typical of well behaved german shepherds.

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Posted by rabihfx - 8 years ago


how is her leg now? if you need any help just let me know.

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Posted by kerasma - 8 years ago

please ask around, the dog seems to be well fed and belonged to a family that loved it, all white she wolf, pointy ears, german shepherd type, very friendly with people, seems to be confortable in cars too. Thanks