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help, i have a deaf puppy

Posted by PillePann - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by pedros-696795 - 8 years ago

Hi Susan,

Forgot to mention on the link provided, the article i have told you to go on Bella, is not all just about Bella, it is quite a long and indepth review on deaf dogs and will provide you with some very good advice.


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Posted by pedros-696795 - 8 years ago

Hi Susan,

We have a deaf English Setter, she was born this way, we got her as a rescue dog and we had major concerns about her welfare, could we cope ?, could she?, what sort of life would she have?.

All these worries were needless, she is now 7 years old and one of the happiest dogs around. dont underestimate a dogs intelligence. teach her at an early age, you only need the basic commands, sit - stay etc, use your hands as commands, Bella recognises sit by me putting my hand just above her eye level with one finger extended, have plenty of treats to hand.

it also helps if you have another dog at home, an older dog, we have Sam a 9 year old male Setter she follows him everywhere and at an early age learnt a lot from him. one thing i must say is i would never allow Bella off the leash, unless in an enclosed area.

have a look at this link, this is the place we got Bella from, copy and paste this link to your browser and then on the left hand side menu find Bella and click on that. http://www.englishsetterrescue.org.uk/

you will never regret giving her a chance, and i wish you and her many happy years together.

Regards Pete

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Posted by Baly - 8 years ago

Love bullterriers very much! One of the best dogs!
I was the happiest bullterrir's owner nearly 14 years and i miss him greatly.
Hope you will cope with everything and your puppy will get any help he need.

Wish you good luck and all of the best!

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Posted by PillePann - 8 years ago


Thank you, i guess i will order it better than to find it here im so disappointed in the petshops and vets here :-(
I am sure he will be ok just he needs to learn. My frenchie loves him, so i guess he will be learning fast from her too.

Warm Regards,

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Posted by Devonite-692897 - 8 years ago

you will find for sure a vibrating collar on ebay.com or ebay.co.uk, whichever you prefer. It will most likely also be much cheaper than buying here that's if you had the possibility.

On a good side, did you ever watch the TV series, Due South ? Remember Diefenbaker ? Such a great dog (great series too... :)

Hope your puppy will have a long, happy, meaningful life !