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Help - my dog has Elichia Please help info needed

Posted by Phoebe-685310 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by delgirl-672977 - 9 years ago

we have fostered a few dogs with elichia, and all have fully recovered. when your dog is returned to vet for the next injection i expect they will give another 20 days of tablets, as they normally have a 40 day course. its amazing how they bounce back.

as somebody else mentioned get the information up on the website, take care re dog sleeping with you, not a good idea.

good luck, its lots of TLC, its all very rewarding.

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 9 years ago

Thanks Carol will let you know how he goes.

Clare. x

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 9 years ago

Thank-you Tiamaria for your e-mail. I have sent you a response via your e-mail.

Clare. x

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Posted by cegan - 9 years ago

Oh Clare how sad I really hope the big guy will pull though xx Carol

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Posted by tiamaria-688488 - 9 years ago


Sorry to hear ur dog has this disease, unfortunately it is a deadly disease similar to lymes disease. Please do not get scared and try another vet for a second opinion. Doxy is a good drug for the dog however it can come back with avengence alot of vets here do not think these diseases occur here in cyprus,but belive me they do. This is a disease that attacks their immune system and blood cells and can have been tick related.

i am not a vet but went through this with my beautiful RED my cocker spaniel who passed away a couple of months ago. He ended up paralized in his legs and and the disease caught up with him, one day he was ok the next he was on injections and been fed through a shrynge. I know the vet did not do enough as he is such a busy vet that did not give enough attention and detail on the matter. I have looked this up and if u do so u can learn alot more about it for your self. Google this disease and find out more. It hit my dog very quickly so PLEASE read up on it and save your dog. maybe ur dog is at a very minor stage, wish i could reccommend a good vet but looking for one for my other cocker spaniel. Do not be upset with this message i send u as i only want u to take precautions and do what u need to do now for ur be loved dog. Get another vet also to check ur dog always good to have a second oppinion.

I wish u very good luck,

and hope your dog gets better very soon x