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Horrible looking cats living in Esso station

Posted by Devonite-692897 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by GATA-675324 - 8 years ago


someone went to check on tuesday night but havent seen any of cat especially sick ones...might were away for the night?

we have it in mind to find time again to check them...but in this area are lots of stray cats and dogs in terrible conditions that pets2adopt feed everyday and takes them to vets with special traps for spay and medical check up

hope we will have some news soon from pets2adopt or from someone else that can go to check the area as well


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Posted by die5-688335 - 8 years ago

GATA, has somebody been there?

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Has anyone contacted the Government Vet Services for them to go and check this out? It is their job to ensure the Health and Safety of both the Public and the poor animals.Can someone call them as I do not live in that area but am concerned now I hear unpleasant actions are being put upon such innocent creatures.Thanks.

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

there are hundreds of cats in that area & seems to be a dumping ground for people to abandon their cats. I once received a phone call to go and rescue a puppy that was left tied to a tree. It is probably one of the most unsafe area for cats there, let alone the cars on the main road...has anyone seen the weirdos and drunks hanging out in that area, its not the nicest area at night and it does not surprise me if cruel acts towards the cats go on in that area. many of the cats are friendly and people trusting because they once belonged to someone, so they tend to go up to people easier because of this and the poor things have no idea of their fate.

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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago

i have received your email and i will send a volunteer to check the cats there and we will try to catch them, take them to a vet if necessary, spay, treatment and return to another safe enviroment...

i am not sure if its from the petrol stration that have a problem...might have this general as many cats...

i will let u know if i have anynews soon



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Posted by Devonite-692897 - 9 years ago

Thanks for the advice "Billy10", I contacted pets2adopt at that email address, I hope they do something to save those cats

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Posted by ade-661265 - 9 years ago

How sad, Sorry I cant help not in Cyprus but am sure someone will be along with some useful information maybe catch them and get them the help they need

Good luck