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How do i find the owner of a tattoo (in greek) dog

Posted by jojojojo-698765 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Sorry no longer have the number but you telephone Nicosia Government Veterinary Services and ask for the registry office for tattooed dogs.It is the central place for tattooed dogs for all of cyprus,another dept does the microchips.Persist in your quest as most of the workers don't know about other departments. I used to help at a shelter and often came across dogs with tattoos. Don't be surprised if not registered anymore but usually they get hold of an owner.Good Luck.

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Posted by jojojojo-698765 - 9 years ago

Thanks for the replies, the tattoo is a breeder tattoo and not joy there. The dog is going to stay with me for a month and i will try to find it a home in that time. So if anyone would like or knows of someone who would like the dog, please contact me.

Large black and white Pointer male dog, found on the road to Ag. Therapon village, with a nice green collar (with a green rope attached). His was smelly, covered in ticks and very skinny. He has have two showers (no problem, he just stood there), has been de-ticked (and have a month's front-line) and been wormed too.
He is a lovely dog. Great with other dogs (i have a small female Beagle), also very good with cats and small kittens (again i have one of both, and he is a play mate of the kitten....very sweet to watch, like little and large!)
He is also starting to wait to be fed (he was trying to bite the bowl gently out of my hands), still not good in the home (gets excited and wee's), but is happy outside on his bed.
He is so gently, i don't think he was mis-treated, just looking for a garden to call his own. (I don't tie him up and he has not tried to run away....which he could very easierly. I would keep him myself but i just can not afford him, he is eating me out of house and home now.... :o(

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Posted by mimi69 - 9 years ago

cyprus kennel club 22672803

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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago

any dog with a tattoo u have to call to the place that stellaluna told you. is the kennel that have the tattoo infos from the breeder until the owner...

might the dog be writen to the breeder..in this case you will call him and ask him the record of the new owner...might tell you that he dont have any,...then you have the write to tell him that u will call to the govermenet vet that he abandon the dog then he will remember everything! i test it so many times hehehe

also might have a microchip...u can go to any vet you have in your area and you can check it for free...

if you want send us photo of the dog and info as when and where was found, breed, male or female, and your phone to make an ad for free and add it to pets2adopt website, to the facebook group, send via email to petlovers and to the newspapers we are corporating...(cypruscm@cytanet.com.cy)

thank u

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Posted by shenne11 - 9 years ago

Contact the local Government Vet. This is where all dogs are registered, so, chances are, if it is tatood then the owners took the time to register it too.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

You could phone the Cyprus Kennel Club "OMILOS KINOFILON KYPROU' - they keep a record of dogs registered with them - especially hunting dogs. Good luck.

You could also try phoning Lambros Lambrou the Limsasol vet and ask for advice.

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Posted by like2shop - 9 years ago

Hi did you call Sirius Dog Sanctuary? 96 724453 or 97 780779they are based in Limassol (Moni area)

The dog may have a microchip, Sirius can check this. Which area of Limassol did you find the dog?