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Hunting and poison

Posted by Ysgol - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by die5-688335 - 9 years ago

From official sides they say:

November-December (Wednesdays and Sundays only, 16-18 hunting days).
Hare, chukar partridge, black francolin, thrushes, woodpigeon, woodcock.
January-February (Wednesdays and Sundays only).
Thrushes, woodpigeon, woodcock, ducks and geese.
End of August (3-4 hunting days) only in the inland of the island.
Woodpigeon, turtle dove.
September (very limited areas in the coastal regions not exceeding 40 km2, daily, 10-12 hunting days).
Woodpigeon, turtle dove, quail.
Quotas:November-December season. 2 hares, 5 partridges per hunter per huntingday or 2 hares, 4 partridges and one francolin per hunter per huntingday.

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Posted by jeannie-677960 - 9 years ago

Hunting is permitted from November to February and mid-August to early October, everywhere except in ‘Game Reserve’ areas, generally (but not exclusively) on Wednesday and Sundays, between dawn and dusk.

See the link below (post7)for more details


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Posted by die5-688335 - 9 years ago

Hunting season starts end of october!!!
There are just 1 or 2 sundays in spring and summer.

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Posted by Ysgol - 9 years ago

Many thanks on the muzzles go then!!

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Posted by Anna2-682987 - 9 years ago

I believe it started last Sunday. I think its always the last Sunday in August but certainly heard shooting all over last Sunday.