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I dont want my dog to go in the aircraft cabin

Posted by Horsegirl-698257 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by ronnys - 7 years ago

My mother has been trying to travel to Cyprus with her DOG for over 2 years now.

Price return to LONDON is 600.00 pound this is a joke.

Does anyone know of a cheaper way please ???

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Posted by annanim - 9 years ago

I merely asked them if its safe 100% and they said 'well, there is oxygen in that area but we cannot guarantee anything'.I can't believe they mislead me so much. But I didnt inquire anywhere else...

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Posted by CMJG2010-694268 - 9 years ago


I cannot believe what I have read! Do you really believe that any airline would put an animal in a place where they cannot guarantee oxygen. Airlines have strict guide lines for transporting animals, if they don't follow them they can and do get fined, heavily. Animals are transported in segregated areas with controlled temperatures. If anybody thinks differently, they're living in a different world.

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Posted by annanim - 9 years ago

I had an old collei I wanted to tranfer to Greece with cyprus airways or other greece-cyprus airline. The tourist office said the collei is a large dog and must go in the cargo area where oxygen is not guaranteed. They said they only allow in the passenger cabin small dogs and cats, inside cages, and they place them at the end of the passenger corridor.I had to leave her behind as I couldnt dare to do it. She was extremely nervous dog too.

I know Paphiakos Animal Shelter sends big animals all the time this way, they also offer a service for individuals.

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Posted by shonnie - 9 years ago

Cycye07 could you send me the details of the contact you have. We have to very nervous house cats that we need to get over to Cyprus but we want them to be as comfortabvle and safe as they are members of our family as Im syure you regognize as well.

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Posted by cyeye07 - 9 years ago

Good d advice catmeister212 when I travelled back to CY recentley the biggest beef the airline had regards animals travelling was the cheap style boxes that barley met the airline criteria so maybe the best advice is to check with the airline first and make sure you do everything possible re the comfort and safety of your pet.

I used Thompson this time comming from the UK to CY as Cyprus airways no longer appears to operate animal travel due to new cargo procedures.

Thompson were great they did not require an agent so I did everything myself and saved around £100, if anyone is interested I can provide a thompson contact in Manchester who will be able to answer your queries regardless of which airport you are travelling from.

one word of warning though its around 200 more to travel back to UK as opposed to coming into CY. as allways lol



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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

Ive used plastic, others have used wooden. I think its a matter of preference but most important about the box:
1. It must be big enough for the animal to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably.
2. Must have air vents in the front, sides and back. Must be solid with no holes on the top (the roof part) and the bottom.
3. A newpaper and towels on top of the newspaper to keep the animal comfortable and absorb any accidents. I actually made a 1" thick cushion exactly to the size of the bottom of the cage and therefore my cat couldn't push it about and against the air vents. I also put a used t-shirt of mine in the cage along with one of her small toys.
4. Make sure the box is labelled in RED Capital letters (English) very clearly serveral times all around the box "Live Animal" and RED arrows indicating "this side UP". I also stuck on the top of the box the cats name, my name and contact details and our flight information. Of course the ailine can put these details, but I prefer always to do double to be extra sure.

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Posted by cyeye07 - 9 years ago


I agree with you I have an adorable cyprus cat that has travelled back and forth from the UK with me and has had to travel in the cargo each time. A pet will be stressed regardless so as long as you have the appropriate well made box ( i dont subscibe to the plastic types) your pet will still be safe and comfortable enough.

so please dont worry

regards cyeye07

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Posted by babymumma - 9 years ago

my cats are indoor cats and don't like to be apart they hate the car and they hide for a whole day when other people come round to my house so I was terrified about them going in the hold on the plane but it is much safer for them. It isn't the luggage hold it's a special animal area which is warm and dark so they just go to sleep. Much less stressful for them than being in the cabin with you.

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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

Someone I know flew with his dog in the cabin with Lufthansa via Frankfurt, to Spain.