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Kitten wanted - Pafos region

Posted by Hanna36 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by johnboy-693052 - 9 years ago

I have a family of feral cats which I have fed since they were kittens. Very tame and friendly - 2 particularly tame. We have 6 dogs so they are trying to be house cats. but are in competition with our dogs! I think they would make perfect family cats, although have not been wormed, frontlined, neutured etc. But have been well fed and given lots of TLC since birth. Must be a good home as we are quite attached to them. Not sure how cats relocate to different areas - but if you think you could keep them and adjust them to a new area - should be no problem.

If you are interested give me a call

Faith 96646456

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Posted by lyork - 9 years ago

That's great news, if you know anyone else that wants an abandoned kitten send them my way as really want Oscar to get a loving permanent home here.

Merry Christmas.

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Posted by Hanna36 - 9 years ago

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your suggestions and contact numbers. We ended up taking in an abandoned young cat last weekend who is really happy to have a home. I still plan to get another one from PARC once this one settles in our home. Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks again.

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Posted by lyork - 9 years ago

Hi Hannah,

I rescued a mainly white with black patches kitten when he was just around 3 weeks old from under a car in a busy street in Limassol. I've been fostering him ever since, he's now around 4 months old and such a gorgeous little thing. We've called him Oscar, we have 5 other cats and 1 dog and he plays with them all, no longer uses a litter tray but still loves to suckle your finger when he's tired until he falls asleep.

If you are interested, I have some photos I can send you, I'd love to keep him but we are moving back to the UK hopefully in the Summer (my husband is going on the heart transplant list so essential we get back) and we are taking 3 cats and our dog with us so I also have 3x 8 month old kittens/cats to re-home, they are half Bengal so absolutely beautiful and their mother is another cat I rescued who was pregnant I found out shortly after!! I'm a bit of a gluten for cats and would rescue them all if I could!

If you think Oscar is suitable let me know, his best friend is Baby Elvis one of the 8 month old kittens I have so maybe you might consider homing them together?

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 9 years ago

Hi Hanna36,

Totally agree with JCGX and Flump!!!

Ask PARC as they are true animal lovers and are the nicest people to deal with, very helpful and you are not charged as far as i know... but i'm sure a donation would be most appreciated as they need as much help as they can get! Tel; 99961157.

Well done for going for a stray that really does need a good home and good luck!

Enjoy your first Christmas in Cyprus, it's mine to!

Best wishes,


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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago


check also pets2adopt website for many dogs and cats that are looking for a home...and are totally free from houses that rescued them


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Posted by Flump-668600 - 9 years ago

Here are the contact details for PARC (Peyia Animal rescue Club) as mentioned above:

tel: 99 961 157

email: ruthmew1@cytanet.com.cy

Please do contact them if you have not yet found a cat as they are a wonderful small charity and are always desperate for good homes. Tell Ruth that Jo from the UK sent you! ;-)

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Posted by JCGX-689138 - 9 years ago

Hi there

You should look up the website for parc animal welfare group, just outside Pafos. www.parc-cyprus.com They are a fantastic group of people who are always looking for homes for cats and dogs. It's lovely to know that a kitten or cat is going to be rehomed. Merry Christmas.

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Posted by Hanna36 - 9 years ago


I talked to them, then went to see them, they only had dogs at their site, the cats were somewhere else so we drove to the other location and the place was all locked up, nobody to see or talk to. The Pafiakos people were totally unhelpful both on the phone and in person, like they were doing us a huge favour. I'd rather get a cat from somebody who really cares and appreciates. But thanks for your suggestion, I know you meant well :)

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Pafiakos charity/animal shelter in Pafos will have hundreds of kittens for you to look at!