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Leather sofa in house where lieves dog and cat?

Posted by Marina-665922 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Marina-665922 - 8 years ago

Thank You Everyone to answer for me!

Its good idea ta have leather base with cusion top sofa, they are also very nice lucking. Light leather sofa its nice lucking but probably i must hire a security next to the sofa :)) Enyway my cat its not intrested to mutch to be in sofa, he likes to be in dog bed and at the moment dog likes to be in the sofa but if i buy new one i gona change this rule. Beginning i really thinking leather sofa its my dream, dog hairs dont stack there and if there goes some dirt then can remove it just with wet cloth but ....

All the best!


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Posted by thisislondon - 8 years ago

I forgot to ass how wonderful the leather base couches are when my dog feels like marking furniture, much better to wipe and clean it too!

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Posted by thisislondon - 8 years ago

Like someone else suggested, leather base and material cushions are a good option, I have 2 sets one just like that that my dog loves and I can wash it at least once a year. The other living room set is cream leather sofas but for the same reasons I keep a throw or cover it with a fancy blanket and matching cushions everyday and only take it off when I am having people over or special occasions, that keeps it clean and in better condition as the dust/hair sets so easily and it's a real pain to clean it, it's easier to clean the throw and change it every season with my decor. I think if I had gone with brown leather the damage and dust would had been a little less noticeable.

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Posted by jmwads - 8 years ago

I have dogs and always wanted a leather sofa but decided against cause of damage. I have the best of both worlds, Leather base and material cushions.

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Posted by bek - 8 years ago

Hi Marina

I have (cats )only one now and one of them loved the sofa !!! but the cat i have now never goes near it !you can train cats not to scratch,i tried by getting the cats used to scratching a post by using cat nip??? I also have a dog only a small one and she is pretty good with the sofa as she is used to not getting on it.

I agree with Rosa though one hundred percent,cold in winter hot in summer and they still get dirty although they can be cleaned and of course they look good,good luck with what you decide.


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Posted by Rosie S - 8 years ago

I have a dark brown leather sofa and a cyprus poodle 'puppy' of approx 10 months. The dog tends to go crazy now and again and loves to volt from my sofas and generally go nuts including jumping off the back during these moments of excitement. The sound of her claws on the leather is like nails on a chalkboard to me!

The sofa is now getting scratched and due to the colour is quite obvious. I try to treat the sofa buy but I think if I were to buy another sofa I would not go for leather.

There is also the cold contact in winter and having to cover it in summer so you dont stick to it. I dont think the climate is condusive to leather here as i can see that the condition in general is deteriorating.

I had the sofa before my pet, the sofa is replaceable, my little friend isnt.

Hope that helps!