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Limassol Area Kennel

Posted by londonliz2004@yahoo.com - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Desertmum - 8 years ago

There is also a Kalo Chorio on that road up towards Troodos - lots of villages with the same names out here.

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Posted by helsbells - 8 years ago

Happy valley kennels.

I went once at 8.30am and was not allowed in and waited half hr 2 go in......but as was explained to me is because in the morning is when they clean,disinfect ,feed and exercise the pets..so the staff are busy sorting the pets out...which makes sense! the next time i went was to drop of my pets at a arranged time ,i was half hr early, but it was ok for me to go in as the large kennel i booked had been prepared from the morning ( i have 3 dogs) yes all the other guest started barking as thats how dogs talk then one of mine started barking so i told him to be quiet as i could see my other dogs were getting upset ,even the other dogs went quiet and relaxed as the staff member went around to show them all is ok just by saying to them quiet now ,yes she had to say it loud but not nasty, dogs are pack animals and need a leader and will be more happy if they have one!!!

I have been using Happy Valley for severel years with no problems and my dogs are fine when there...which is more than i can say for my friend who took her dog to Oasis about 5-6 yrs ago, she left her 5-6 month old female there for about six weeks and when she collected her pet she was sick,skinny full of ticks ( a few ticks is ok..not hundreds!) and to top it off the dog was pregnant! Cost her an arm n leg to get her back to good health and then she had to find homes for the pups! she did complain but as her husband had just died and she was leaving cyprus she didnt have the energy to fight in the courts!

hopefully the owners at oasis are not the same then! good luck....

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Yes, Oasis is good. It is just behind my house. And the vet who owns it is quite good too.

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Posted by londonliz2004@yahoo.com - 8 years ago

Thanks all,. Yes I agree about Happey Valley.

I will be trying out Oasis Kennels, by the way, it is in Paramytha on the way passed Agros Kalo Xorio is near Larnaca.

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Posted by Desertmum - 8 years ago

I recently used Happy Valley - they were not great. One of the women was really shouting at my dogs because they were barking . . . . er, dogs bark, it's what they do. Then shouted at me saying they were barking too much and she had to shout at them - then said listen to all that barking now . . . except it wasn't my dogs that were barking it was someone elses. Not a nice woman at all. Also it concerns me that they don't like letting people into the kennel areas to view them, what are they hiding ? They did let me in eventually as I insisted, but they were very unhappy about it.

There is, I understand, a good kennels on the Troodos road towards Kalo Chorio called Oasis - plan to go out and check them out next week and report back.

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Posted by helsbells - 9 years ago

Happy Valley veterinary clinic kennels and cattery, In Erimi/Kolossi area . Very good place, they really do care about ppls pets!


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Posted by jmwads - 9 years ago

Happy Valley in Kolossi. Tel 25821750. I use them as a vets and kennels.