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Limassol dog trainers

Posted by Jenny - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by turidc - 4 years ago

What GATA is writing is absolutely not true, it is actually several qualified trainers in Cyprus, both foreigners and locals. I certainly dont agree with this.


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Posted by Jenny - 8 years ago


We used Lindsay from K9 Solutions in the end and were really happy with the results. She trained our dog without the need to even touch her for certain things like 'sit' and 'stay'.

At the time she was coming over from Paphos to our house to train her but she now has a facility in Limassol as well so you can have her come to you for one on one training or you can go to classes.

I would thoroughly recommend her - tell her I told you about her.

Her number is 97 660 530

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Posted by rosa maria-704452 - 8 years ago

Hello,I was looking on Angloinfo for a dog trainer for my 4 month old labador but as I came across your email stating that some of these places actually hit or starve the puppies to traine them. As mentioned I have a 4month old lab and I was looking for someone to help train my 11 yr old to help train the puppy if you have any advice to give us I would appreciate it very much or maybe u have some sort of classes that u do or could advise us if there are any sort of classes that my son can attend so he can teach the dog certain things like sit, lay down, roll over, not to bite everyones hands these sort of things. Any advise will help. We live in Limassol.
Many Many Thanks

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Posted by Guerlian - 9 years ago


I have used Lyndsay from K9 Solutions to help with my dogs. She offers lots of classes and also will come to your house in Limassol.

In my opinion Lynday is excellent and has extensive of training dogs and working with dogs (and their owners!) who suffer from behavioral problems. She has helped me a lot with a couple of my foster dogs that had issues due to their appaling treatment prior to being rescued. Without her help the dogs would never have been rehomable.

I have also used her for general behaviour training for my 'permanent' dogs which was very succesful.

Her number is 997660530 and her website is www.paphos-dog-training.com.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago

hehehe no problem at all...

i told u that i will help u with anything u want...

thanks for taking the puppy on your house!!!! :)))

(she was my favourite one)

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Posted by Jenny - 9 years ago

Don't worry - I will be on the phone to you!

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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago

hello jenny

as i told u on the email... in cyprus the trainers are not the same as abroad...few of them they are good to what they are doing with out hitting the animal or let it starve...

the pup u will take is not a dog that need training...as i told u i can explain u very easy tips to train ur dog..free of charge hehehe imagine i have 7 dogs and i was in a shelter for 4 years!!! so my experiance with dogs are excellent...


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Posted by Jenny - 9 years ago

Thanks Dan. Would still be interested in other recommendations so I have a range to choose from.

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Posted by DanO-682696 - 9 years ago

I don't know about classes as such, but the Oasis kennels about 10 km north of Limassol (past Polemidia on the Agros road) has a guy (Marios) who trains dogs professionally. He's very good but not cheap. The lady who manages the kennels is very nice and could advise you.