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Live baby rabbit given to snake in pet shop help!

Posted by Phoebe-685310 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Monkey - 9 years ago

Hi Classicar

Pleased to hear you are going to work with CSPCA in your school education. They really do have a lot to offer - by spreading the word about them much more can be achieved via re-education!

Good luck with all your initiatives!

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Posted by maid marian-667424 - 9 years ago

I am very pleased to hear that there are more help now for all of the poor animals in Cyprus. Well done everyone.

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Posted by n_dobson - 9 years ago

I phoned the Animal Welfare Department 25819512 in Limassol about a pet shop in Limassol once and they were extermely efficient they did an inspection on the pet shop and the problem was very quickly resolved. I hope this helps.

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Posted by classiccar-665879 - 9 years ago

Is good to know that CSPCA can give so much help.

I will use them for educational reasons in my school and organising an event about anilmals.

I will invite you all when I prepare it.

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 9 years ago

Thank-you everyone for your understanding comments.

I can tell you all that it is in fact classed as animal cruelty and the appropriate action has been taken thank goodness!!!!

Classic car, i can understand where your coming from but a woman on her own trying to defend this animal is very difficult as you never know how these people can react and be quite a frightening situation to be in therefore that is why i had asked for the help and support from this web site.

A big thank-you once again to all the people for your support!

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Posted by Monkey - 9 years ago

CSPCA - Cyprus Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals .. should have said that on my previous post .. For anyone else out there who is animal lover ... CSPCA will take details of any cruelty or neglect situation and visit the owners to advise or take further action. Because they come from outside Paphos (village) area of inter-related souls (shall we be pleasant abut this) they might be more willing to take a more assertive approach,. They also have loads of education materials printed in Greek and are willing to distribute in all areas of Cyprus ...

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Posted by Monkey - 9 years ago

You can contact the CSPCA in Nicosia and report them .. they will send someone out to visit them. Do a google search for their website .. easy to find. They can also tell you if legal or not. Also you can contact the Paphos Gov Veteriary Office on Mesogi Rd just before Carrefoures if you are going PAPHOS from Polis Rd.

Good luck ... Yve

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Check out this website and give the relevant people a call.


Thanks for caring as Rabbits do have feelings and are sensitive to being put under that awful pressure.
Yet the snake does have to eat!
You are entitled to know the results too so do keep on their backs to make them do something.

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Posted by classiccar-665879 - 9 years ago

I understand your anger, but instead of making all these comments for a new shop that I really do not know which one is it. I believe it is better if some people of you can go and talk to the owner and see if he/she understands that. The government might take the python from him/her but he/she will get a new one for sure and he/she will do the same thing again and again. So if we spend sometime training him/her how to feed this snake (frozen food) then he/she might understand and respect it. I also agree of the bad conditions of keeping birds and other live animals but nobody told them the right way. The person who visited Australia might give to the government vets some plans of how they keep animals in pet shops.

I am willing to go and talk to this pet shop owner and explain to him of what he/she did if you can email me the name and is in the Paphos district.

The person who first saw the rabbit he/she should have talk to the owner about cruelty instead of running away and making comments on the internet. Well his/her comments helped to make this discussion so accepted!!!

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Posted by T and P-669409 - 9 years ago

I never buy anything from a pet shop that has live animals for sale. If I walk in by mistake, as soon as I see they have puppies etc in cages...I walk straight back out again.