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Looking a pet for my son

Posted by tamarabranko - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Billy10 - 8 years ago

I would reccomend getting a dog from a shelter ( there are in every city). They have every kind of dog and puppies if you want that. Likely you can look on the CYDRA web site where they post dogs from all over Cyprus


or on Pets2adopt website/facebook page.

@Kevin I do not agree with you. Just as well a dog that you raise from puppy can turn out to have an aggressive streak whereas with a mature dog you know better its temperament before you get it.

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Posted by kevin24-698886 - 8 years ago

I had adopted a one 1 year old poodle before many years. I knew the old owners of him as well, and they took care of him however, they couldn't give enough place for him.
He was a really cute dog, but had behaving disorders and bit us all the time. Some years later he wasn't so aggressive but still bit us a couple of times. So from that time I decided to take only puppies so I can train them by myself and know them from the time they are small to make sure they will not have any behaving problem.
I have 4 dogs now and this trick worked well.
Good luck! Merry Christmas!!!

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Posted by CMJG2010-694268 - 8 years ago

Hi your wife is right a small dog is preferable more so with a young family. Definitely not a puppy the last thing she wants is to clean up messes while looking after baby. A younger dog already housetrained would be ideal and of course use to children. Good luck I'm sure you'll find one there are lots of dogs looking for homes. Merry Christmas :)

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Posted by nicsil - 8 years ago

hi I have beautiful labrador retriever puppies if you are looking for a purebred dog. Here is a picture of them. If interested for more info contact in email: brilliantlabs@gmail.com
They are great with kids, and perfect family pets.

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Posted by thelma-703801 - 8 years ago

Hi! My friend has the most beautiful puppiews looking for a home....there are 12 .... some plain brown but the others white with black patchers...my favourite is white with two black patches over her eyes and on her body and freckles on her neck and pawes as daddy was a pointer and mummy a Dalmatian!