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Lost Black and White Rough Collie

Posted by krustydean - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by krustydean - 9 years ago

Yes, I know collies are very intelligent - I grew up with 5 of them! We have taken her back and she does not know where she is. We could not have left her that night as she has no road sense (walks in the middle of the road), it was a stormy night, and she is predominantly black, so would probably have been run over. As I said before, we have taken her to see the prominent Greek people in this area, and none of them recognise this dog.
I'm beginning to think that she has been abandoned, as her owners have not reported losing her to the police or any of the shelters yet. Also, she has a medical condition which requires surgery - the vet has quoted 200 euros for this work. Perhaps they did not want/could not afford to spend this sort of money??? Once she officially becomes ours, we will take her for the surgery, get her injections, and get her microchipped and licensed. I do not begrudge paying this sort of money, as she is a lovely dog.

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

Collies, Labs, GS dogs are all very smart dogs and rarely loose their way home. Unfortunately if a gate is left opened they find the opportunity to go awol for a bit. Sometimes its best to leave the dogs alone and watch them for a while to see if they find their own way back (after all they are good sniffers and trackers)

I know you had good intentions, but perhaps take her back to where you found her and see if she finds her way back home on her own.

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

I am happy to hear that you will keep her if you cannot find her owners.It does seem through all your efforts that she was probably dumped.

Although I have only recently volunteered my services to running a Municipality shelter through our Animal Welfare group, where dogs were given an awful time in their care,despite our loving care, it most certainly is not a place for these beautiful sensitive creatures to be,but we will not euthanise as we believe the Government who have excellent laws here, should implement them in the right way,so I applaud your committment.

At the end of the day,as ever, we end up being responsible for the irresponsible's actions.

Enjoy all the precious moments this dog will bring into your life and touch the heart strings you never knew existed.

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Posted by ade-661265 - 9 years ago

O well done you on giving her a home, she's a very lucky girl

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Posted by krustydean - 9 years ago

Thanks very much for your advice.
We have already reported it to the police, but they did not have a listing of anyone losing this colour or type of dog. She has no tattoos (apparently Cypriots sometimes tattoo their dogs), collar, etc.
We have walked her around in the village and left flyers out. We've also taken her to see the "prominent" people in the village - Muktar's son, local restaurants and bars, and the postmistress. No-one seems to have seen her before.
If we are unable to find the owners, we will keep her, as there is no way that we can take her to a shelter (don't get me wrong, I think the shelters do fantastic work, I just couldn't live with myself if I "abandoned" her).

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago


Have you checked with the Police as they sometimes keep records of Cypriots asking if they have their dog as unfortuneately not everyone knows what to do here when they lose their dog?

Pets2adopt is brilliant because as I run a shelter it helps me to see if any of the dogs they have as lost, I can see if any we have, can be returned

Many dogs are picked up as strays but have sometimes been left to wander.The owner tends to feel they will come back home but if someone has picked them up or if they have been knocked over,they just continue with life and don't realise there are so many places they can go to, looking for their dog. As there are so many shelters and not all microchipped scanned.even if the dog is microchippe, it is a very hard process.

Have you tried to return the dog to the area and see if it will take you to it's home on a lead?

We did this to a lovely dog and knocked on all the houses.Many people were so helpful and after an hour we found the owner had visited their cousin in the area and the dog had escaped,not knowing the area and enjoying it's adventure it carried on down the road and had travelled in the fields getting lost.By the time it had found a similar area his owners had just gone home!!It was reunited, but for all the hard work we didn't mind because it was another dog less to be euthanised.

I hope you find the owner although you will hear from many that too many dogs are thrown away.I always try to keep hoping because being complacent means less chances for the animals.

Good Luck in your search and keep spreading the word,it travels fast in Cyprus!!

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Posted by krustydean - 9 years ago

Ok, thanks very much.

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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago


send us her photo, details and a tel contact to cypruscm@cytanet.com.cy and we will make for free poster and add it to pets2adopt website, to facebook and send by email to petlovers all for free