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Missing dog in aradippou area larnaca

Posted by andria.m - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

If sited in Oroklini, call Maria at Noah's Ark Kennels as she may have been given it . She is also in Larnaca for Paphiacos so knows about some lost and found dogs.Telephone 99325897
Aradipou Dog Shelter may receive dogs from the surrounding areas of Larnaca, Oroklini,Dromarosia etc Municipalities. The law is 15 days from being found the dog can legally be euthanized...however these shelters do their best to keep them alive..but homes are few and there are many sad dogs in cages just biding time away and this is not healthy.Telephone 99621773

Some dogs found local to this area get sent to Nicosia to Sharon 99868512 / 22359010 so worth calling her to see if your dog is there.
Please remember the Hunting season is beginning and someone may have picked it up thinking as a beagle it would be ok to hunt.Also Aradipou Shelter get many Hunters taking anything away that looks like a Hunting breed!It will now be worse on the streets for strays and very sad for all of us who have a conscience!
Only yesterday a friend of mine found a white/golden terrior cross poodle by Pyla/Dhekalia road which we are looking for the owner but the state it was in I expect was dumped, and 2 small kittens were dumped near the flats to me..so dumping season has begun!
Homes are always needed but so are reportings of all dogs found and not presumed dumped because one day it could be ours!!
Please always contact Pets2adopt as I look regularly and have once reunited an owner to it's dog because I go round most of the shelters and kennels.Christiana offers this for free and works very hard to make a central area for dogs lost and found.
I hope your dog will be found

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Posted by bek - 8 years ago

hi just may be a similar looking dog !!! but this morning i saw a medium sized brown and black looked like beagle bloodhound cross running by my house in oroklini!!!! i will keep an eye out forit again and if i see it check to see if its yours,as i said may just be a similar dog but will look out incase ,hope you find her soon. bek

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Posted by marie-elissa - 8 years ago

Hello, have you thought of putting this on the eastern forum as it covers the area where you lost your dog. If you are not a member I will gladly put your post on for you. Also I have to go to the Pet Stop kennels in Ardippou today and i will give them details just in case your little dog turns up there.

I have dogs and to lose one must be a nightmare, good luck to you and I hope you find Puppy soon.


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Posted by GATA-675324 - 8 years ago

check aradipou shelter in the area...someone might find your dog and took it there...

have a look

also send a photo and infos as when and where was lost or stolen, age, breed, if has colar or microchip, and ur phone to cypruscm@cytanet.com.cy and we will add poster to pets2adopt website for free