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Moving dogs to Cyprus - info. required.

Posted by Adi-696404 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 9 years ago


Just to jump on the wagon - if there is a crate going spare for sale, could you consider me plse?

I have rescued a male Hungarian Vizsla and he is being sponsored by the UK Vizsla rescue to get him to UK to a nice new home. Would love to keep him but already up to 7! He will be ready for travel in Feb 2011 and I will know the dimensions etc nearer the time as he is only 18 months at the moment and needs to put on some growth and weight!

Any help would be appreciated as the rescue is a charity and budget tight!

Thanks in advance



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Posted by mouse-701244 - 9 years ago

In January 2011 I will require 2 (pointer size dogs) medium sized dog crates for travelling to the UK. Would anyone be interested in selling me their crate (if it is the correct dimensions for my dogs) after they arrive in Cyprus?

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Posted by shenne11 - 9 years ago

Peyia Veterinary Clinic is very highly recommended - http://www.cyprusveterinaryclinic.com/

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Posted by murphy1-700867 - 9 years ago

Hi I was reading peoples forums on moving their dogs to cyprus and I seen your advice for a vet in paphos, could you please message me the details of them I'm moving to cyprus in sept and have 2 hungarian pulis so really need to find a good vet, I also noticed no one has insurance just pays the vets bill is this quite common in cyprus? thankyou.

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Posted by Adi-696404 - 9 years ago

Hi all

Many, many thanks for all your comments and advice it is certainly reassuring to know that dogs have an ability to adapt and cope to the heat of a Cyprus summer. I think deep-down we all new that but it doesn't stop us worrying!

Initially my wife and I had planned to sell up in the UK and buy in Cyprus; my wife's mum has lived in Cyprus for 13-years. With all the anxst and worries of how the dogs would settle in Cyprus we have now decided to rent for 12-months in the Paphos area, ideally towards Peyia before buying.

So Karen & Paul I will certainly be in touch re your vet.

Please keep the info. coming - it's very reassuring to hear from all you 'pioneers' with beloved pets that went through the same excitement of planning a new future coupled with the 'gut-wrenching' concerns for the overall welfare for your animals.

Gut-wrenching may sound excessive - ONLY those with pets will get the sentiment!!


Adi & Bev

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Posted by Kancol - 9 years ago

Hello, we moved over to cyprus last dec 09 and we brought our airedale terrier with us, done the same as you are wanting to do and done it in the winter months so he would gradually get used to the heat, well the heat is now here and he is ok but mainly sleeps all day as its too much for him outside , they do have a way of finding the coolest places and settle down. we only walk him now in the evenings as the sun is much too strong during the day. The journey was fine and despite me being a nervous wreck about it all he arrived safe and sound and totally ok. What part of cyprus are you moving to ? we are in paphos and we have a fantasic vet in chloraka, the treatment is excellent and cheaper than the uk. If you require any more advise please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help, good luck with your move and i am sure your dogs will be very happy.

best wishes

karen & paul

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Posted by ducky7 - 9 years ago

Hi There

The best people for this is the paphiakos Animal welfare on tel 26946461, please ask for Sarah in Import & Export.


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Posted by magil-697661 - 9 years ago

hi Adi
we moved here 3 years ago with all the same worries.
we came with 3 border collies {sadly we lost one to a stroke this January} i would say that they all adapted to the weather quite well, we have to walk them late evening after the sun goes down, during the summer, but for six months its just perfect for dog walking.
we cool them off in the summer by playing with them with the garden hose or they go swimming in the dam.
if you are coming to paphos, we would VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND D&N vet they are absolutely fantastic, husband and wife team, very very caring, they have British staff.
vet fees are far less compared to the uk, although insurance is available.
all in all the dogs adapted fairly quickly as long as they are not left on there own until they are used to their new environment.
good luck with your move.

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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 9 years ago


Our vet is in Larnaca. She is great! What area are you moving to?


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Posted by pedros-696795 - 9 years ago

Hi, i agree with Christine, we brought our two English Setters with us, they do sort themselves out, tend to stay indoors mostley during the day, and yes its better just to put a few euros to one side for vet bills, but make sure you find a good one, some claim to be vets, but dont show any sort of animal care whatsoever, if your coming to the Larnaca area i can give you the name of our vets. and welcome to cyprus