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Moving to Cyprus with Dogs and Cats

Posted by SuzyB-690793 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by marina.cap222 - 8 years ago

i understand how u must be feeling reading all those stuff about cy
well, most are true i am not proud to admitt
poisoning is getting worse
people here dont really respect animals. there are many who love them but the percentage is still low.
i cant compare to other european countries coz i have only travelled for short periods. you need to stay in a place in order to be able to asses a situation correctly.
hope i could help

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Posted by Snooze-689425 - 9 years ago


I also lived in the Middle East for 15 years

I brought 2 dogs and 2 cats here and all is well

Yes there is cruelty here but isnt there everywhere! Yes we are woried about the poisening but I have only heard of 2 cases in the last 5 years where there have been poisening and then there was no evidence that it was Cypriot. The majority of Cypriots do love their dogs as shown at the International Dog Shows we have here 3 times a year and most of them are also appalled at the poisening It will only get better if there is more education in schools etc which is done her by the Animal Sanctuarys

There are many Expats here and most of them have pets. With the Euro/Sterling exchange at the moment it is the Expats that are abandoning their dogs and leaving them here or taking them to a Sanctuary and saying they cant afford to take them back home !!!! IF YOU HAVE A DOG OR CAT SAVE FOR THE POSSIBILITY THAT YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE ISLAND - ITS NOT THAT EXPENSIVE

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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago

Hi Jah

Dont worry about travelling with the cats, I have flown all over the middle east with 3 dogs, two cats and a guinea pig!! It is more stressful for us than for them. Just make sure you put something familiar in their travel box, blanket from their bed or an old jumper that hasnt been washed!( something that smells of you and of home). I arrived in Abu Dhabi once to find everyone in the baggage arrivals area cowering by the walls as my three big dogs howled and growled and barked in their boxes in the middle of the room! Obviously it is stressful for the animals but they survive it and as long as you are there at the other end with love and food they soon forget it. As for the cats when I left France and came back to the Middle East I kept them inside for a month and kept giving them extra special food (tuna etc! to bribe them to stick around!) as well as their normal grub, when we let them out they dissapeared for a day or so only coming back at night but then after 2 days they were back and around as normal. I have to say though I am not convinced that I will let them out in Cyprus, I am going to see what the situation is like when I arrive, and I think I will definately keep them in at night.


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Posted by Jah-690225 - 9 years ago


I am moving to Paphos in the new year and i am also concerned about bringing my cats. but not because of the fear of anything bad happening to them. i am more concerned about the stress of the traveling and the adaptation to a new enviroment. on my recent visit to paphos i was 'adopted' by a ferral cat who was in extremely good condition. i saw ferral cats fishing in a restraunt pond for KOI Carp (extremely brave cats, very big fish!) and no one paid any attention to them except me of course. two years ago i had 6 cats and i now only have two left in the UK. 2 were road victims, one was attacked by a fox and one was poisioned. i live in a semi rural area and most of my neighbours complain about the cats. keeping animals is a risk where ever you live, but still we do it because we love them. this is what you need to ask yourself, is leaving them behind an option for you.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

We had dogs and cats poisoned quite deliberately in the Middle East. But poison was not the most common threat. Number one was shootings, number 2 was aiming at the dogs, cats and other animals while driving - like some kind of twisted video game. But even there, you found locals who had pets and treated them very well.

As far as Cyprus is concerned - I'd say overall it's far better than the Middle East, but not without problems. Though which country is? Reports this week from the UK are of a small puppy deliberately kicked to death in a park.

Good advice here (anywhere really) would be to keep dogs soft-muzzled whenever they are out in the garden or you take them for walks so that they simply can't ingest anything. And feed them indoors.

More difficult for the cats - but a 'run' is good if you have it fine- mesh-enclosed so nothing can be thrown into it.

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

Suzy B

I dont think Cyprus is that extreme as you described in the other countries. But there are nasty things that go on too but on a smaller scale. You are more likely to run into hit and run dead animal victims, than anything else which is why I say better to keep your cats indoors, at least at night time when they are more than likely to roam about as cats are nocturnal animals.

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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago

It seems to me that this is a problem that you either encounter or dont, I just hope I dont! I really have to come to Cyprus as it is close to Lebanon where my hubby has his business and I dont want to stay there as its horrid!!

My poor dogs have suffered enough over the years, they were both rescued in Kuwait, the three legged boy Jake (named after Jake the peg, but instead of an extra leg a missing one!!) he was found on the beach with his back leg hanging off, it doesnt bear thinking about what he went through to get his injury. After a bad amputation and a stint at the rescue centre he was "found" by us. His "wife" Maddy was found abandoned in the middle of the desert with her 10 pups in a box next to her, all the pups had parvo and died and Maddy nearly died of exhaustion and dehydration after feeding them all. They are the kindest, sweetest and most loyal dogs, Jake is brave and grumpy (who can blame him!) and poor old "Mad's" jumps at her own shadow, her nervousness has never left her. We had a third dog also rescued by myself this time from being beaten by Kuwaiti children, his back end was all broken and he had brain damage but the vet assured me that he was in no pain so he lived out the remainder of his years in our garden and even survived being shipped to Oman where he passed away from a stroke 3 years later.

Cyprus is not alone in its cruelty, in Kuwait I witnessed animals beaten, tortured and the Friday market where every animal you could imagine was sold, kept in miniature cages under the searing 60 degrees heat. In Oman the stray dogs were used as target practice by the police and many were seen limping the streets with the bullets stuck in their bodies. In "civilised glamourous" Dubai dogs are thrown from speeding cars into the oncoming traffic and cats and dogs are doused with petrol and set alight "for fun". Even my year in France had its fair share of awlful experiences, hunting dogs kept in tiny kennels all year round only let out for the shooting season. Dogs tied up outside houses 24 hours a day with only a drafty kennel to crawl to in the -15 degree winter, on a trip to the vets once I witnessed a man taking 6 spaniel dogs out of the closed boot of his saloon car, the dogs were clearly terrified and cowering, when I expressed my dismay to the vet she shrugged and said "this is France".

As for my beautiful cats they came "free" when we bought our french farmhouse, they have been spayed and nutured and are now blooming, despite having had goodness knows how many litters of kittens before we got them, the mum "Purr" needs a tummy tuck as her poor stretched belly almost drags on the floor!!!

We are now back in the middle east in Lebanon and things are just the same here - different place same issues.

These discussions have just made me realise that there is no where in the world that animals are safe, its just each country has a different way of abusing them.

Thank you all for your help and comments, and keep up the good work, at least the animals have us lot to look out for them!!


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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

I dont allow my cats outside, I dont want to risk anything or harm on them. Perhaps you can build am annex to your home (fenced enclosure). I dont think there is a place on the island where your cats are not at risk from cars. people here drive like maniacs and especially more at night.

The cruelty is the same as everywhere else with the difference that if there are locals that dont like animals they will be quite vocal about it.

Dogs peeing in public: depends if your dog pees on someones property, I would be upset too if someone let their dog loose on my property to go to the toilet.

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Posted by maid marian-667424 - 9 years ago

We left Cyprus with the THREE DOGS that were dumped on us and the cruelty we saw and heard of! Yes you do hear of animals being thrown out etc in the UK but it isn't half as bad as in Cyprus. Where we live the animals are well looked after and I have never known of any animal been thrown out or abused. We love animals here where I live. All of my family have dogs - 2 American Akitas - Lapradoodle - Staffies and a St Bernard. All well looked after and loved.

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Posted by SB1-687534 - 9 years ago

I have been told in my village that there is a new poison out - 1/2 teaspoon will kill a dog in 10 minutes.
Certainly here the village cats were all poisoned a few years ago to keep numbers down. everyone was very upset
but i don't know what the locals thought about it. They must have known because their cats were ok.
People tell me that this villager and that, have had their dogs/ cats poisoned and I don't know if it is because they have made enemies or that their dogs caused a problem. I seems to be the way of life and not something I can understand. When someone throws poison into your garden how do they know if your friend's babies are visiting and might find it?