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Moving to Cyprus with Dogs and Cats

Posted by SuzyB-690793 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago

Hi Kitkarman

Thankyou and yes I am sure there is more risk of roadkill than the poisoning, what do they say - more chance of being run over by a bus than winning the lottery!!!!!

I am definately not feeling so anxious about the situation now and actually looking forward to my move now rather than dreading it!

thanks everyone, and I have to say I was a member of a similar forum when living in France and it was just a chance to bitch and moan and not community minded at all, however so far my experience of this forum is that you are all a really nice bunch of people.


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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago

Hi Jezebel

thankyou!!! it was nice to hear something positive and yes you have put my mind at rest, bless you!!! I do have a very good and old friend who is british/cypriot living in Cyprus as she told me the other day that where she lives everyone has a cat or dog and there has never been a problem.


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Posted by kitkarman - 9 years ago

Watch the traffic when the cats are out be more of them than bits of poison

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Posted by jezebel20249 - 9 years ago

Hi SuzyB
Don't know if this will put your mind at rest, but I have noticed how my relatives and many other typical Cypriots look after and feed the feral cats around their area. I would think there are good and bad people everywhere but in my experience there are an awful lot of cat lovers in Cyprus.

As for your dog, my sister has a dog in Moutayiaga and she takes it for walkies and normal doggie things and the dog is worshipped whereever she goes!!! Even the Cypriots make a fuss of her - the dog that is! Hope that makes you feel a little less anxious.

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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago

I am still keen to find out any information anyone has on the poisoning issue, does anyone know if Dogs have been poisoned in their own gardens, meat being thrown over fences etc?

Does everyone agree with Stellaluna that the cats will be at risk if they are allowed out?

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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago

Hi Ade

Nice to hear from you, so sorry to hear about the loss of your cats in Saudi, I can believe that expats were also responsible, we have come across some truly awlful expats in the Middle east!!! Where is your house in Cyprus? I am going to be living in Paphos. I will have to let the cats out as I feel it is as cruel to keep them in as to run the risk of the poisoning. When will you move to Cyprus, I hope to be there around March 2010, keep in touch, it would be nice to meet up to swap M.E stories!!!

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Posted by ade-661265 - 9 years ago

Hi suzyb

I am a ex pat living in Saudi Arabia for 16 years , We have a house in a village in Cyprus and also have 6 cats all ex street cats love being out side and like you i too worry about moving to Cyprus as i know my neighbour old Cypriot lady is not a cat lover if i new when we brought the house the extent of the cruelty don't think we would of bothered its very hard its the poison that i worry about but i dont think cyprus is as bad as saudi The cruelty in Saudi is just so so bad have cried my self to sleep many times .over the years have had five of my cats killed two by expats we will move to Cyprus for a few years and see how it goes


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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I do agree with Minkymou - the cruelty is just very visible here, but Cyprus does not have the apalling fur farming cruelty or large scale laboratory testing or factory farms.

But, yes, the cats might be in danger if they go into others' gardens and do their toilet for example.

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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago

Hi Minkymou

Thanks for your comment, I totally agree, there isnt anywhere in the world that animals are safe from cruelty, lets face it children aren't, so what hope do animals have really!

However the poisoning issue continues to worry me, especially with the cats. As I said I have lived in the middle east for 5 years and have seen it all but poisoning is not something I have ever had to worry about.

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Posted by minkymou - 9 years ago

the situation here for animals is just the same as anywhere else, the cypriots are just very open about there dislike of animals. We in the UK become aghast at animal cruelty when we see the bad treatment/neglect of animals when blasted across the news channels when the RSPCA take animals away. Look at the tv programmes regarding cruelty to animals an example of this is animal cops (America) or animal hospital (UK) This is just to prove the world is full of cruel people!

But please remember that if we are such a nation of animal lovers just look at Battersea Dogs home at the minute!!!

So in finishing wherever you live the problem of cruelty is evident but the Cypriots at least are only guilty by association?

Hope this helps.