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Noisy Dogs, Can you help?

Posted by mayl-682135 - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Went to see my lawyer today and if you stand on the road outside the place where the dog is barking and you can hear it, this constitutes under the dog nuisance laws under some act ''being a nuisance in a public place''!!
Therefore when my neighbours puposefully walk past my house and my dogs dare to bark(because to them I should have their voice box removed like some do!!) then they have a right to complain that my dogs are a nuisance!
So that's what you have to do! If you get one more person with you and you are stood in a public place then you can call the police and make a complaint,and better still if the police hear it too they can submit this in court and a police person will be believed over anyone else!!
Amazing isn't it?!
Please let us know the outcome of your story? Thanks

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Posted by die5-688335 - 9 years ago

Hi mayl, would be nice to hear how the story ended!!!!!
I often miss the information how things like that went on.
Would ask people who post this kind of stories - also pet giveaways- to inform us readers, what happened.

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

I know this posting is 6 months old but there is a legal process you can take...the one where you can be taken to court not just by the police but by the Municipality too!
Not allowed to discuss on here but the process is to complain to the Police (and claim you are a relative to the Mucktar like my neighbour) and also to complain to the local community officer(especially if he is a distant relative too) and they will send it to court.

I take in stray dogs because there is no where in my village to put them which is against the law not to have a shelter.They go to a shelter in another village because I voluntarily work there taking care of yet more stray dogs,
My dogs are not a nuisance at home and live inside with us,They only bark when people are outside shouting and screaming to wind them up on purpose.Where you have a genuine complaint it seems you cannot do this,yet as I am helping with a serious problem here. I am sent to court!

It is nerve destroying having dogs regularly barking as indeed my neighbours dog does when they leave in the evening.Because they are who they are I don't have a leg to stand on,so I hope you can fare better,I would be interested to know. I don't think they'll put me in prison...would they?...

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Posted by catmeister212 - 10 years ago

As for the poor dogs, well, all I say is that you can tell alot about a society by the way it treats its animals.

you are generalizing an entire society. you are forgetting that you live in a Cyprus village where things move a lot slower and people dont like change, therefore you may find animal welfare in villages a bit more backwards than in major towns. dont generalize because you are putting yourself in similar mentality as the people you criticize.

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 10 years ago

I totally agree!!!!!!!! the poor dogs are distressed what else do they have in their lives.

As someone said before go to the government vet if the dogs are not kept in acceptable conditions etc as you can report any cruelty to them and they should go and take a look, as far as i know you can remain anonymous.

We have dogs barking constant around us especially as it echoes down from the hills which are where all the poor hunting dogs are kept..... my heart breaks every time.

Good luck!

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Posted by bubblemaker;oP - 10 years ago

Well, the Muktar's response to me is no surprise at all......we have to put up with a similar attitude here.....but we must remember that there is "no nepotism or corruption".........aye right.

As for the poor dogs, well, all I say is that you can tell alot about a society by the way it treats its animals......what more can I say? Of course the dogs will bark, they are cooped up in appauling conditions, fed crap, and are probably nearly insane, much like the zoo animals that pace and bang their heads.

If corporal punishment was acceptable, I would say do the same to the owner, and see what would happen......I am sure there would be outrage from the village and Muktar alike! But it's ok to treat a dog like that....."they are just an animal"......apparently.........

It leaves me wondering whom is more of an "animal", the dog or the owner????

European Laws have yet to reach Cyprus, they maybe have an "exemption".

And before anyone attacks me about MY OPINION, and tell me that if I don't like Cyprus I should leave........(because this always happens)........I am offering my sympathy and understanding......

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Posted by JMC-684723 - 10 years ago

Mayl, contact a government vet who should be able to come up and assess the situation. If your Muktar won't comply then find someone else who will! If you call direct enquiries 11892 or any vetinarian they will be able to give you the correct number to call.