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Permanent Barking Dogs

Posted by JJMally-687816 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by dlss-668570 - 8 years ago

It would be interesting to know what the dogs are barking at all night. Are they sleeping all day and then just bored at night? If the dogs have something to keep them awake during the day and they get the proper exercise before bed time, they are more likely to sleep through the night. But, if they are awake most of the day and still barking at night, it's likely they are barking at something that only comes around at night, which, from your description, sounds like it might be the case. Are there cats or other small nocturnal animals that they are barking at during the night? This is a really typical problem and happens from time to time in our neighborhood with the dogs that are kept outside. If so, the solution might be as simple as putting something up to block the dogs' view of the other animals that are disturbing them. That solution has worked well with our neighbors. Also, there may be one dog that is starting the barking and the others join in like a pack to support each other. Addressing whatever is disturbing the dog that starts the barking may quiet all of them. Of course, all these things are the responsibility of the dogs' owner, not yours. Sorry you have suffered so much! Doesn't sound like they are bad dogs and if they are being taken care of very well and if the neighbor is open to suggestions, maybe they could do a little night time investigation and try to get at the root of the problem. Likely they are also frustrated. They may love their dogs very much and feel very bad about the disturbance, but they just don't know what to do to stop the barking. If a little investigation doesn't turn anything up, then I would give them an ultimatum, call a trainer to help with the situation or I'm calling the authorities. If they really love their dogs and respect their neighbors, then they will call the trainer. Hope you get some good sleep soon!

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Posted by JJMally-687816 - 8 years ago

Fine everyone saying these things. We have asked the owner to keep the dogs quite with NO evail.
They are fed and watered and looked after well, and live next door to the owners whom seem to be deaf or ear plugs in.
They are also next door to the brother of the Mayor of Erimi, and he has asked him to keep them quite, and again nothing.

We do rent our property and once again she has spoken to him and nothing.
We have a small dog that hardly barks at all, especially at night. Mind you she is an indoor dog mainly.

We are probably going to look for somewhere else to live anyway, had enough for over a year now. Not good when your husband is driving to work in the morning an falling asleep. Almost had an accident the other week, because he is not getting any sleep.

What gets me is the dogs only bark at night time and during the day.......
My son had to do his IGCSE Exams over the past months with roughly 4 hours sleep.

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Posted by pdobbo - 8 years ago

Do you own or rent? If you rent, it may be worthwhile asking your landlord to speak to the owner of the dogs, the landlord won't want to lose you as a tenant because you can't sleep at night.

A polite note in the dogs' owner's letterbox can make them aware of the nuisance.

Sound simplistic, but have you tried ear-plugs? We are in a similar position, we have dogs, but they sleep in the house, and are not a nuisance at night, our neighbour's dogs howl all night. I invested in soft ear plugs (that mould to your ear shape) and enjoy much more rested nights.

Sadly, I have found that complaining to the authorities does little good, unless a number of you complain together.

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Posted by SophiaX-697245 - 8 years ago

We recently have a barking dog, poor thing is on its own all day and night. My neighbour doesn't want to complain in case anything bad happens to the dog. If the owner has the dog taken away and put to sleep, I can assure you a lot of other people will be able to get some sleep. Sad as it is, it may just come to that. :-(

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Posted by doggiemom - 8 years ago

Excessive and continuous barking is forbidden by law. You can call the Municipal authorities and the police. The only problem that might be casued is the subsequent plague upon the dogs (see below). If you do such a report and indeed there is excessive and continuous barking especially in "resting hours" chances are that the police or the municipal authorities may either / and (a) sue the owner and/ or (b) demand that the dogs be removed immediately.

What concerns me is the possible result upon the dogs - what would happen to those dogs. If the dogs are taken by the police then may be handed to Veterinary inspection office and may then subsequently be put to sleep.

I do sympathise your problem. On the other hand the problem in Cyprus is that we are not respecting animals either. The chances are that the owner of the dogs has NOT provided any or all of the following

(a) adequate care - food and veterinary support and the animals may be suffering of something,

(b) A night cage that would otherwise be in a quiet place, as much as isolated from "causes" of barking

In my opinion if the situation is ubearable you can complain. On the other hand the sad part of the story is that the owner is responsible to provide the above and is hence responsible for the barking, however it is highly unlikely that any plague will fall upon the owner while it is highly likely that the price will be be paid by the dogs for which you complained for.

The choice is yours ;-)

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Posted by Peeps-676557 - 9 years ago

We live in a Village, surrounded by farms, dogs are constantly barking all night long from every direction... our 3 dogs are housedogs and only bark if something "strange" is outside. You will probably be told the same as we were basically "This is Cyprus, Deal with it".