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Pets regulations in the apartment complex

Posted by marlabalzan - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Christie-694723 - 8 years ago


Maybe this will help?

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Posted by doggiemom - 8 years ago


From what i realised you are renting the appartment and the landlord has no problem in you keeping the dog right? It is highly important in such cases to keep a register of who you speak and what you say and also keep evidence.

Under the above consultation, it is inevitable that you do the following:

(1) Take a written statement from the landlord that he allows you to have the pet provided that you abide to the law of animal welfare etc. In this manner you are alleviating the owner from getting pressures from the rest of tenants. The owner if asked would simply say that he is allowing you to have the pet if all legal and welfare conditions are met. It is inevitable to keep the landlord as much far away out of this as possible as constant pressure may cause him/her to change his mind and that would only leave you exposed !

(2) Even if there is a paper in the building as internal rules, saying that animals are forbidden then this is illegal for sure - after 2004 where the EU regulations prevail and consider pets / companionship animals as having a phsycological contribution to the owner. So if any paper is writing such you need to ensure that either (a) there is none such paper or (b) if there is such paper that your landlord did not sign it. The reason is that if the landlord signed such a paper abiding to an internal agreement of the tenants that no animals are allowed then your landlord may be subject to trouble as he/she himself has signed and admited that no animals should be allowed ever.

after you secure (1) and (2) above, you can go and talk to the rest of tenants nicely and say to them that IT WOULD BE YOU calling the veterinary services make an inspection so that YOU would be the one holding a clearance paper that you are ok with all your legal obligations of animal safe keeping. Then you can just tell them that you can report them either / and

(a) to the police if any has threatened you to harm the dog and/or if any has used foul mouthing against you (these are criminal offences)

(b) take them to court for causing you emotional distress, for making false accusation around for how you actually keep the dog, for depriving you of your human rights.

If you need further advice let me know

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 8 years ago

If the person owns their apartment, they can keep anything they like in there providing they have a licence for it and treat it properly.

You won't get a link to anything legal, because it is common sense.

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Posted by marlabalzan - 8 years ago

Thanks guys but legal info would helpful. We have a tenant in one of the apartments complex. Landlord had no problem with a small dog living in the apartment, provided it is not let to the common areas, kept clean and does not bark. However, committee insists that since majority of the complex voted for not having any pets on the complex, tenant has to get rid of it. I am very aware that sometimes pet owners can be very careless and leave their dogst to bark their heads off on their own but in this case we are not aware of any complains about the dogs behavior, we had complains only about its presence since it is against "committee regulations". Want to know where we stand legally... We don't want to argue with the committee but tenants seem to be really good guys and we do not wish to ask them to leave before their contract has finished.

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Posted by pussycatbunny - 8 years ago

The only time you will have a problem in keeping a pet in the flat is if it says on your contract NO ANIMALS other than that as long as you look after your pets there is no law saying you cannot keep animals in a flat :-)

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Posted by bek - 8 years ago


As far as I am aware I do not think their is anything anyone can do with regard to keeping a dog if the said owner is obeying by the apartment rules and also laws with regarding owning a dog.

If you are the dog owner i would ignore them as long as you are keeping to the rules, if you have a problem with a dog owner you should voice your concerns with them but if they are keeping to the rules they have a right to keep a dog in thier own apartment.

this is of course just my point of view