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Please old Chikita

Posted by Jennygee-676884 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Jennygee-676884 - 9 years ago

When Peggy first saw Chikita she was in a dreadful state, bald skin caused by excema and fungus, overgrown nails and very very thin. Chikita's old blind owner couldn't cope. If Chikita was to be euthenised it was then, but this bubbly old dog deserved a chance. Peggy through love, care and determination has got this little dog into great condition. If Peggy thought Chikita couldn't cope with being rehomed she would have been euthenised day one. Little Chikita now has a great quality of life and is looking for someone to share her life with. The good news is we are in discussion with someone who may rehome her. We do hope so because she has a good few years left where she will be perfectly happy. If any animal has no quality of life I am the first person to agree to euthenise. In this case adaptable Chikita who loves Peggy more than her owner is more than ready for her new home.

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Posted by AlexandraV - 9 years ago

I actually agree with Jennygee, i dont really beleive in euthanising but in this case she is 14 years old, you cant take her to a shelter or even to be taken in by someone else, she is so used to you and her surroundings for so many years, she will get depressed and miserable and that may even kill her. In this case i think make the days that she has left beautiful for her, give her lots of treats and doggie biscuits.
I hope all goes well. Poor chikita :( wish her all the best .

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 9 years ago


I know this may sound harsh but it would be really unfair to the dog to put her in a shelter or home at her age and state of health. If the owner cannot look after her any longer it really would be kinder to put her to sleep so she does not have to go through the terrible ordeal of living in a new home with strangers trying to find her way around.

At least she would go piecefully with no stress and has had a good 14 year long life.