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Problem with dogs on street

Posted by Devonite-692897 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Not sure if same place as mine but it's where you go to pay your rates or water rates. It's the same as the council offices really.
The other people you can phone is the Head Vet Services in Nicosia.If you don't get any joy there as I expect you won't, try calling the MP and Head of the Green Party Mr George Perdikes.He can help you to inform the Ombudswoman who I believe is very good. However you must take dates.times and names of the people you have contacted regarding this issue as heads will roll once she's taken action!
All numbers contacts etc on the internet google it.
Keep us informed as how else we can help you.
They allow others to get away with making a nuisance who clearly do nothing to stop it,yet pick on me to extract money from because I take in strays and rehome them!It is frustrating for you if these dogs are on the loose and these owners and people in authority do not care.

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Posted by Devonite-692897 - 9 years ago

Oh yes, definitely told them, I went there twice but my requests fell on deaf ears. These people have a tiny garden in front and a small driveway, the gates and fence are very short and they can even fit through the gaps in the fence. The dogs are not very big but are poorly trained I think and they start chasing whoever walks there. It's not a very circulated street otherwise if there was lotsa traffic I'm sure they would've probably got hit by cars by now. I asked them maybe if they could purchase some metal net kind of thing to raise the fence and make it impossible for the dogs to just jump over or sneak through the fence but the owners didn't seem interested.

Also , I don't think they have licenses for these dogs. As a matter of fact, first time when I went by the house to talk to them the guy came out and he tried denying that it was his dogs despite the fact that they were behind him happily wagging their tails. When the lady of the house came out I asked again and she said, yes , we take care of them

Like I said before these people told me, quote: "they are quiet dogs, don't bite anybody , etc." to which I replied : Yes, because they are used to you, whenever me or other people/ CHILDREN !! pass by they start barking and chasing, there's like 3-4 of them which makes it worse because they feel more courageous.

Anyway, I'm not going to bother to talk or make any requests next time I will contact the authorities. When you said Municipality, what is that exactly and where are they located in Limassol ?

Thanks for all the replies

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

Yes there is. You must report to your local veterinary Government Dept. I don't know what area you are in but I can give you some numbers to phone.
Famagusta District Veterinary Station
: 24 721571
Fax: 24 722811Larnaca District Veterinary Office
: 24 304275/6
Fax: 24 304270
e-mailLefkosia District Veterinary Office
: 22 805240/1
e-mailLimassol District Veterinary Office
: 25 819512
Fax: 25 306544
e-mailNicosia District Veterinary Office
Tel: 22 805152/5/253
e-mailPaphos District Veterinary Office
: 26 306269
Fax: 26 306198Don't be fobbed off as this is all new to the Government Officials. Don't feel intimidated,keep on at them to do something.You are entitled to phone back later to find out what they have done about it.
Any problems email CVA Cyprus Voice for Animals and they will help guide you.Always keep records of who you speak to and what time and day,plus what was discussed.

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Posted by MoJo63 - 9 years ago

On the street next to where I live there is someone who owns 2 pitt bulls. They leave them to wander the streets. They go in peoples gardens and have scared local children. These dogs are illegal in Cyprus and yet many of my neighbours and I have complained to the local municipality and the police only to be told it is not their problem! Now the female is pregnant and many of us are very concerned there will soon be a pack of illegal dogs running round the area. Many of us have spoken to the owners, asking for them to lock them in the yard or put them on chains, all to no avail. There seems nothing anyone will do. :-(

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

You can go to your local Municipality to complain and they will go and speak with these people. They by law have to have a licence, however, as I took in strays off my village streets I argued the fact why should I have to pay for dogs not mine because I was responsible and took care of them in my home, and there was no dog shelter available? However, I was forced by the Municipality to buy licences...but the law says if I had no licences then these dogs would not be mine and I would not be facing yet another court case regarding other people's responsibilities becoming my worst nightmare!
If your neighbours say these are not their dogs,and refuse to purchase licences, then they will be sent to a shelter where upon 15 days they will be killed. Unless lucky enough to get into a No Kill shelter.
I understand how you feel as there are always strays where I live and I have already been tried in court about this because I was responsible. These people have good intentions to keep the dogs alive where you are but are not getting the point of being a ''Responsible Dog Carer''.
Are you able to talk to them to explain that it's not the dog's you dislike but the fact they need to be contained on their territory?
Tell them what will happen if they don't comply. I have been asking a lady for over a year to keep her rescued stray off the streets and only when it was poisoned did she realise why we want them off the streets!
Good Luck. Regards Anna