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Puppy and dog vaccinations - necessary

Posted by stellaluna-664983 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Dear Flump

We are over here in Cyprus and not addressing anything to UK vets. I've been away from the UK for decades - not aware of vet-bashing TV. I don't watch TV.

Just coming from the same angle as if I were a mother - should I vaccinate my child - and for what - and to know what the big pharmas are pushing. And what are the risks.

Fortunately things are more transparent now with the internet, and we are free to pursue knowledge and to refuse pharma stuff that harms our pets.

But good for everyone to comment so that we can do the best for our pets. I note there is no comment on continuing to vaccinate when the animals may be immune - and the effects of this on autoimmune disease.

Lots of reading required... and wish some vets would join in.... off to read some more.

Good night all.

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Posted by connor-670505 - 8 years ago

As you so rightly say everyone is entitled to their opinion and course of action.

I'm looking forward to the results of this independant enquiry which is apparently underway now in the USA.

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Posted by Flump-668600 - 8 years ago

The reason your vets charge 30 euros (or regional/country variations) is not all about profit although it should be remembered that veterinary practices are businesses too (just because animals are an emotive subject, doesn't mean vets don't need to earn a living). I can only speak as I find but where I work, that includes a 15 minute consultation with full health check, overheads such as premises lease, electric, staff wages, expensive equipment, clinical waste disposal companies, radiography protection services, etc etc etc, not to mention the expertise of someone who has trained for many years to qualify in their chosen profession. Would anyone question being charged a similar amount to see a lawyer or private gp or washing machine repair man?

I'm truly not trying to start an argument but vets take an awful lot of bashing these days, thanks to overhyped scaremongering tv programmes etc and at the end of the day, most vets I know, whilst being in what I would class as decent salried professional people bracket, are not as rich as people seem to think. If you want to blame somone, try focusing on the multi million pound pharmaceutical companies.

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Posted by Flump-668600 - 8 years ago

Hence me explaining that many of the vaccines do not now contain ALL the disease components.....

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Posted by connor-670505 - 8 years ago

It seems that nobody is suggesting that pups should not have their initial innoculations since they are very important obviously.

Doubt is being raised on innoculating yearly for the rest of the dogs life. ie say 10 to 15 years...?

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Posted by Flump-668600 - 8 years ago

The reason that vets advise you get your boosters done every year is because although more recently, trials have shown that certain components of the vaccine last for much longer than 12mths, the vaccine companies have to do rigorous trials and then get the appropriate licence applied for and issued. If their licence is based on the fact that they need boosters every 12mths to be covered, then your vet cannot guarentee you dog is covered fully and would not be doing his/her job properly by advising you any differently. However, some brands of vaccine such as the one used in the practice I work in now have two types of dose which means that certain diseases are only vaccinated against every two or even every three years in line with what the trials have shown to be optimum levels of cover and the animal only receives a "mini booster" on the years inbetween. Your vet should be happy to explain this to you.

As for whether to vaccinate or not, think along the lines of the scares with measles and mumps etc and the scares as to whether or not it is related to autism. The only reason these childhood diseases have not been seen much (hence some mums opting not to vaccinate for fear of causing autism and thinking their child is unlikely to get the disease itself) is becuase everyone has been vaccinated over many years. In fact, only last week, there was an item on my local news (in the UK) about the increase in these diseases and the horrible side effects they can cause, even fatalities in some cases, and that we are starting to see more of them becuase more and more people are choosing not to vaccinate.

I am not speaking from a vet's point of view as your vaccination fees do not make their way into my pocket (as a mere nurse!) but from a medically trained point of view. How many of you have witnessed young puppies basically dying in agony from severe dehydration due to parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis or hepatitis, having spent days on a dip,vomiting and passing diarrhoea until they are so weak they cannot stand, yellow with jaundice and numerous more symptoms I could list. Not to mention their owners visiting every day in tears, begging for you to do something more, when they could have prevented it by spending a reltively small amount of money. Your choice!

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Posted by thisislondon - 8 years ago

Very interesting post. I have a chihuahua as well, which due to the unfortunate situation of travelling back and forth from Canada every year, I have to have him vaccinated every year. I hate it! There was something different this last time I was in Canada. The vet over there gave him this vaccine, I can't remember, and he said I only have to give it 2 more times and there won't be need for more... have someone ever heard of it?? I was trully happy because I feel like harming my dog everytime but I have no choice if he is travelling with me so often, he has to have up to date vaccinations. I wish there was an easier way with this!

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

I've just googled and read Vaccine Junkie. It's by a Californian female vet and dog lover.

Everyone should read it. Basically it tells you what are:

the 3 core vaccines

the non-core ones

the not recommended ones

If your vet offers you them all you should run away. And no vaccines every year.

So I'm going to discuss this with the vet and see what their policy is. Right now I'm checking out my dogs' record books to see what they've been given while I stood stupidly by, not having done my homework. No more!

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Connor. I was hoping for some responses like this.

It's just too simplistic to say 'I love my dogs, so I'll let them have the full load of vaccination combinations.' Maybe if we love our dog, we need to take the responsibility of learning and understanding what we put into them.

I intend to continue to research.

It's not so surprising when we already need to read the ingredients of everyhing we buy for ourselved (but most people continue to buy deodorant with alcohol and aluminium, shampoos with sodium lautheth sulphate, creams full of pseudoestrogens, parabens, propylene glycol etc).

So the same care I take not to pay for carcinogenic rusbbish from manufacturers labelled 'natural' I'm going to take over what's injected into my precious doggos.

Please share anything you find out. As for dog food - that deserves a separate post/string.

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Posted by connor-670505 - 8 years ago

Hello Stellaluna,

A very interesting post. I have been meaning to bring this subject up myself.

I also subscribe to Dr Becker and have spent some time reading up info on other similar sites.

As you say vaccinations are big business and very profitable for the supplying company and the vet concerned. What I found interesting is the fact that in the USA vets buy in vaccines for one or two dollars and charge them out at about 30 dollars plus something like another 30 dollars for their labour....! In fact some surgeries carry out very little surgical work with most of their time spent vaccinating dogs & cats..... Not surprising really...!

Various bodies have approached the pharmaceutical companies and asked them to carry out research on the long term affects of yearly vaccinations....but these companies it seems are dragging their heels. I wonder why..?

It seems evidence is pointing to the fact that regular vaccinations are affecting our dogs natural immune systems resulting in far more cancer related illnesses etc showing up.

An older, now retired vet, in the UK has said that when he first entered the profession, back in the 1960's I think, he was taught that yearly vaccinations were not necessary. But then pharmaceutical companies encouraged vets to suggest yearly jabs. He admitted that he went along with it and earned a pretty penny in the process.

I read of a group in the USA who have managed to get sponsorship from various companies to enable independant researchers to study the long term affects of over vaccinations. Apparently a very expensive exercise which may take two to three years to complete. I'm keeping my eye's open for those results to come in.

In the meantime I've concluded that my Golden Retrievers will not be vaccinated yearly, maybe every 4 or 5 years, but even that will depend on further information being made available.

Genuine dog lovers obviously want what is best for their pets, but it seems that pharmaceutical companies and pet food suppliers are taking very serious advantage of this.

I have fed my dogs locally produced pet food for the past 20 years and they have all lived long healthy lives. To date I have had three local vets tell me that the food I give them is no good....then they try to sell me their food which is about 5 times the cost along with a 50% mark up for the vet....! Only one vet I have met was decent enough to be honest after reading the contents of my dogs food he stated that it was perfectly adequate for them. ( No I don't buy my pet food from him and he's not connected to the supplier.)