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Puppy and dog vaccinations - necessary

Posted by stellaluna-664983 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Thanks for your comments, folks. I've always done the normal vaccination thing. But then I didn't know what I'm learning now.

But if you have the titre that shows your dog is now immune for life, then what would be the point in putting more of that stuff into them?

Also another factor is the dogs' environment. Walking around the streets in town? Living indoors? In the countryside? (We live in the countryside - no houses near, dogs of course live indoors.)

I'll certainly get the pups vaccinated for parvo and distemper. By the way - interesting... when I got my male chihuahua from Hungary, he had all the vaccinations - the full Monty. He nearly died from parvo. For 11 days he had diarrea and couldn't eat. The only reason he is alive is because my husband rigged up a drip over our bed and wasn't afraid to keep putting into the wee guy who was by now a skeleton. Also the vet had Russian parvo antibodies he injected.

The vet thought it must have been bogus vaccine - but I don't agree, as the breeder is a very ethical person and has used the same vet for years.. but who knows? My female is from the same breeder and she's had no problems.

But another vet said it couldn't have been parvo - it must have been a new parasite (forget the name) that gives similar symptoms.

Let's hope we get some more comments from people who are knowledgeable on the issue.

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Posted by CMJG2010-694268 - 8 years ago

I agree with Chihuahua Lady do not risk your precious puppies. Do get them vaccinated and all other necessary treatments. :)

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Posted by Chihuahua Lady - 8 years ago


I have had Chihuahua's for many years. Top show dogs in the UK and just pet one's.I spent many years in Dubai where i rescued many Chihuahua's . From my experience with Chihuahua's I have lost a few rescued baby's that had not had there vaccinations when they came to me so were already infected.It is heart breaking to see then die.I had avery good Vet there that did all she could.So for me as soon as i get a puppy or Adult i take it and have all its vaccinations done.I have had some people here say they bought the vaccinations from the chemist and did them there self, but for me i will not take the risk with my dogs so i always have them done again by my vet.I also tried a herb vet but was not very impressed.I have 12 beautiful Chihuahua's Long and Short coat that are all up to date with there vaccinations.

Please dont take a risk with your puppies have all there vaccinations done.