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requirements for entry of cats & dogs into Cyprus

Posted by irlanda-672549 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by irlanda-672549 - 8 years ago

Hi Seebee

Thanks for the reply, I am just wondering have you actually done this yourself? I am getting a lot of conflicting answers on this!

Basically it seems to be the general belief that in addition to the pet passport and valid rabies vaccination they also need the ticks + tapeworm treatment 48-24 hours before and a fit to fly certificate. However yesterday I had an email from a government veterinary officer in Nicosia who quite categorically stated this was NOT required nor was a fit to fly certificate. In the UK, DEFRA (the UK agriculture department that deals with the import of animals to the UK) says that Cyprus may require additional paperwork on top of the pet passport and to check with the cyprus high commission in London. When I check on the Cyprus High Commission's website under the heading IMPORT OF DOGS CATS & BIRDS TO CYPRUS, it merely confirms you need the pet passport and the rabies (no mention of ticks + tapeworm treatment or a fit to fly certificate).

Of course the obvious solution is to do it to be sure, but I am really anxious to avoid an uneccessary trip to the vets 24 hours before the traumatic journey to Cyprus if I possibly can.....as having to get them into the boxes, the car journey and being handled by the vets cause them unbelievable stress each time in the past....this then upsets them and getting them into the boxes for the off 24 hours later just becomes doubly difficult! I know this because I brought them over from Cyprus 10 months ago!

Any updates or more info you might have I would appreciate. This seems just typical of Cyprus, they make the rules up and change them as they go along!

Many thanks


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Posted by seebee-678990 - 8 years ago

Hi Gillian

Yes you do have to have the tick and tapeworm treatment done before they enter, same as UK 24 to 48 hours before flight.

Rabies Vaccination needs to be have been given not more than 1 year and not less than 1 month before arrival.