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Sending Dog to Scotland

Posted by shenne11 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by maid marian-667424 - 8 years ago

We live in Aberdeenshire and we returned to the UK with 3 dogs over 18 months ago. The pet centre at Manchester can arrange to send your pet with a driver to Aberdeen and I believe they are excellent. It was going to cost us £300 to Aberdeenshire for the 3 and it was going to be overnight. They stop and give the pet a walk and to see if they want a wee wee. Give them a call. There is another lady at Manchester airport that does this too but I can't recall the name of the company.

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Posted by Flump-668600 - 8 years ago

There are companies who do pet taxi type services (by road). I don't have any personal recommendations but perhaps this may be a cheaper and less stressful option from Manchester to Sctoland and it would be direct to your door? I'm sure if you google pet couriers or pet transport, you will find the companies I mean. They usually have air conditioned vehicles and stop for toilet breaks etc.

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Posted by ian-mary - 8 years ago

cyprus - amsterdam - aberdeen -- i know amsterdam has pet facilities. sorry im to busy to find out any other info


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Posted by shenne11 - 8 years ago

I just got a quote from London - Aberdeen. £560 - not a chance!!! That's almost double the Paphos - London flight.

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Posted by CMJG2010-694268 - 8 years ago

We have flown our cat internally between Edinburgh and London. We have used British Airways and British Midland. Both were great, cat on last and off first. You're better to phone direct to airlines than using companies. They'll give you all the information you need. Good luck.

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Posted by Flump-668600 - 8 years ago


My little dog flew from Paphos to Manchester and although I can't answer your question in person, if you contact Pets On jets who are the Manchester Airport based pet carrier/receiver, I'm sure they would be able to tell you for definite one way or the other as they handle animals both inward and out. Their website is www.petsonjets.com and I found them extremely helpful and supportive. Hope that helps.