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Sending my dog to the UK

Posted by beasljo2 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Juliette-689541 - 9 years ago

Pet travel service run by specialised vets that is recommended by somebody I know.


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Posted by pkb1 - 9 years ago

I bought my 5 showdogs from H'row to Paphos for £1040 just over a year ago..........speak with Cyprus airways they were fantastic! as for boxes you can usually find them advertised on the forums [ or you can put a wanted ad] and you should be set whilst waiting for the 6 mth wait for the blood test to come back......oh by the way my dogs are beagles and american cockers ...just to give you ideas of size]

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Posted by maid marian-667424 - 9 years ago

We returned to the UK last May and we flew out 3 dogs back to the UK. Wouldn't have left them in Cyprus. We had Sharon from Petstop and she was brilliant. For her taking them to the vet a day before they flew to Manchester/purchasing NEW crates for us/kennel for one week/taking them to the airport and arranging the cost of the flight by Cyprus Airways it only cost us approx 1500 euros which we thought was excellent for 3 dogs....................terrier/poodle and cocker spaniel.Sharon did everything for us. We would thoroughly recommend her. You can get her details on the internet. She is in the Larnaca District.

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Posted by junemichael - 9 years ago

Unles you have plenty of money do not use others to organise the passport as their admin charges on top really bump up the price. It is so much cheaper to do it yourselves, and easy.

The vet will put microchip (if pet does not already have one) and also a rabies vaccine. 30 days from the rabies vaccine he will take a blood sample which he will send to Greece (as they do not test here) and then you wait the results. The blood paperwork can take up to two months to arrive back at the vets but if the test failed the labratory will call the vet to tell him, but this is very rare. 6 months from the date of the blood sample taken from your pet is the date when your pet can fly to the UK.

Cost for a passport is around 200 euro depending on what vet you use.

Depending on the size of your pet and the weight of your pet in its travel box determines the cost of the flight. The pet goes by cargo. The cheapest airline is Cyprus Airways. You contact Cyprus Airways Cargo department at least a month before the pet is due to travel to make a date. On the day you take the pet to the Cyprus Airways cargo department at larnaca or Pafos, they weight the dog and measure the size of the box and then you pay. Cost for a cat is around 350 euros and a large dog up to 1000 euro.

We are have sent over 100 animals to the UK so please visit our website and email us if you have any other questions: www.cypruscatrescue.co.uk

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Posted by Gladders - 9 years ago


You do need to get the pet passport ASAP as the pet won't be allowed back in the UK until 6 month after the reults of the Rabies shot.Pets need to be treated for fleas, ticks and worms but your vet will explain to you. The cost of the injections, blood tests and passports cost us £300 for the 2 dogs in the UK, I don't know the cost in Cyprus but weigh up the cost of getting the passport and your pet staying with your parents for 6 months in comfort and being loved, against your dog being in quarantine for 6 month which will be very expensive and distressing for the pet and yourself.

As for the flight we organised ours ourselves by contacting Thompsons travel direct at the cargo department who I can say were absolutley brilliant. The cost was £713 for 2 dogs, not each, and they were on the same flight as us out to Cyprus. We bought the crates from the internet which were also half the price of what shipping companies charge. The crates cost us £69 each and they are the true Sky Kennel, please note they have to be airline approved and the correct size for the dog. We still have the contact number for Thompsons if you require it please let me know by pm.It was so easy to organise so please don't be put off by doing it yourself.

We have only been in Cyprus since September 2009 so these prices are recent.

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Posted by jezebel20249 - 9 years ago

She done all the paper work herself, she found it much cheaper she went with Thomson they was very helpful and she had no problem , the only thing she got stressed over was because she was late in booking the dog she couldn't go back on the same flight. We took her to Paphos 3 days later and when she got to UK she went straight into quarantine, She arranged for that herself.
1 year previous she came out here with her rabbit it cost £550 to go back it cost 250 euros as she also booked it all herself.

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Posted by Tms-677534 - 9 years ago

lady haye is very good my sister used to work for them, very loving to all the animals and they really care( not all places are like that) i know a girl that works for cyrus airways and she says you can book you're dogs travel direct with them over here, they also handle british airways and i forgotten the others, but they do need their rabies jab but the uk is expensive for bording.

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Posted by beasljo2 - 9 years ago

Thank you for all your replies!
I have sent emails to Pafiakos / CYDRA and Lady Haye.
I have also been recommended Dr. Yainnis which is a vet in Chloraka Paphos which i will contact on Monday.
I will keep you posted on the replies that i get!
We have already moved back to the UK and our dog is staying with my parents so as you can guess we miss her lots!
Lets hope it does not cost us too much!
Thanks again
Jodie !

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Posted by macmcdade - 9 years ago

poster above: Which airline did she use and what was included in the price, i would be greatful if you could pass on some info.

Original poster: At the minute i am looking at a company called www.ladyhaye.com they have a set price per animal and IIRC the second animal would be 400 euros regardless of size obviously the heavier animal would be classed as the 1st one. they fly from larnaca or pafos to gatwick heathrow or manchester. There are kennels at their base in surrey and there is also a quarantine section but i would recommend doing this before you fly as you would have to pay bording fees for the 6 months while you animal was in there.

As i have not used them yet i cannot comment on how good they are but there are various past customers that have left feedback and there is also an online enquiry form that is short and simple.

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Posted by jezebel20249 - 9 years ago

I know it' cheaper to fly back to UK my daughter's dog cost 190 euros for flight, but had to stay in quarantine for 6 months because she didn't have the dog done for rabies.
good luck