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snakes are awake

Posted by erico-660956 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by nona-668071 - 8 years ago

Hi . They don't sound like vipers. Probably harmless coin snakes. Vipers have a distinctive triangular head with a narrow tail rather than a tapering tail. Plenty of photos on the Internet .

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Posted by CoupeBabe - 8 years ago

The warm weather has tricked them into staying actve instead of below ground as is more usual at this time of year. They take a long time to warm up when they come out as the sun is relatively weak now so it is easy to tread on them or dogs to get bitten - be careful !!!

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Posted by Brian JC Osborne - 8 years ago

they are vipers...let them free...strange to be out this time of the year