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Taking dogs back to UK-advice needed

Posted by Ysgol - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by helen13-662685 - 7 years ago

Hi there

Dogs can enter the UK six calender months and one day from the date of the blood test and then go straight home

They can travel early but they would have to go into Quarantine kennels in the Uk until six calender months and one day from the date of the blood test


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Posted by Emma Furnival - 7 years ago

Hi There, I have 2 dogs here. I was wondering how long quaraintine (or how ever u spell it) is, the blood test has been sent. I was wondering how long after that. Thanks and please reply ASAP. Emma

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Posted by junemichael - 8 years ago

Don't let any vet con you by saying the animal needs two lots of rabies vaccines as it only needs the one. We have done over 400 pet passports and always only had one rabies vaccine and only have had 5 failures out of the 400!! they just try to get more money out of you. Also get the passport done by your vet and arrange the airline yourself, (UK goes by cargo only). This cuts out the cost of admin charges if you go to someone else who does the arrangements. Ring Cyprus Airways, thomson and BA to get quotes. Need size of the box the animal will travel in and the weight with the animal in the box to get a price.

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Posted by marial-690442 - 8 years ago

Thank you for your reply.
I have, as you say and accredited certificate from Greece, stamped and dated and my vet has signed the passports stating that they have seen the blood test results and that they were above the recommended amount for the UK. So i guess everything is fine.
Thanks for the help Catsnip.
Just for anyone else who wants to know how much it cost me -
35 Euros For microchip25 Euros for first vaccine25 Euros for second vaccine (3 weeks later)125 Euros for blood test (taken minimum 1 month after last vaccine)25 Euros for booster vaccine (once a year on exact date of last vaccine)

Thank youM

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Posted by Catsnip - 8 years ago

Cyprus does not have the EU accredited labs for testing animals blood for rabies as the number of animals travelling out does not justify the expense involved in achieving accreditation. Most if not all from vets here in Cyprus use Greece to verify vaccination results and are fully accepted in the UK.
The most important point is that the microchip must match the one in the dog or the cat it, is not essential that the owners details or spelling of owners name do, although it is reasonable to expect this.
For example sometimes owners will start the process and then sell or give the animal way because of the sudden realisation of the cost or other factors so the new owner has a blood test result in another persons name. This is why it is vital to get the paperwork showing the blood test result if you take on animal in such circumstances. A pet passport with the vaccinations kept up to date are a must but useless without the blood test result document.

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Posted by marial-690442 - 8 years ago


My dogs, have had their rabies vaccines and blood test and the results were ok so i now have the certificates. I have noticed that the certificates were from Greece and not the UK. Which tells me this is where the blood test was sent. Is this acceptable for the UK or do the blood tests have to be sent there?
Also, I didn't get a copy of the blood tests, it just says that they were over the accepted level and description of the dogs etc and signed by an official vet in Greece. Should I have a copy?
Also, he booster that my dogs had was Vanguard R and the initial vaccine was Rabisin R. Im assuming that this is ok but when i search on the internet about the booster (Vanguard) i cannot find anything relating to it. Should i be worried? It says that its a pfizer vaccine, but i cannot find it on the Pfizer site.
I have heard so many stories about dogs being rejected etc that i want to make sure everything is going to be ok when we get there.
If anyone has any experience with flight costs and crate costs it would be really helpful.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Posted by Sara21_uk - 8 years ago

I have just finished this long process. We came back to the UK last year and our dog hadnt had the blood test. We had to leave him behind for a year.

If your bringing him back you will have to get the blood test done immediately, then you have to wait for the results, ours took upto 6 weeks.

Then the dog has to stay for an additional 6 months to be clear to fly home.

We put an ad on here asking for someone to foster him, we found a lovely couple who took great care of him. He arrived back in the UK.

It is an expensive process.

Good luck

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Posted by JJMally-687816 - 8 years ago

I know they have to have a `tick` and `flea`and worming jus before they fly.
Just waiting to hear results of her `Rabies` blood test, Going to have to wait another 5 weeks yet.

She will if everything is OK, be able to fly abot mid April.

Can`t wait to book her flight........

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Posted by junemichael - 8 years ago

I think as well as Cyprus Airways and BA, Thomson and First choice fly pets but they may be more limited on what airport they fly into in the UK. Not all airports in the UK accept animals. CY contact is CReservations@CYPRUSAIR.COM. Tell them Cyprus Cat Rescue gave you his email, his name is George.

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Posted by cyprusgal - 8 years ago

We are taking our dog back to the uk next year once he is able to fly after the 6 month from his blood test, only problem is i am going back at xmas so will be leaving the flight arrangements for my husband to sort out, so does anyone know the contact details for the airline to get our dog on the flight, my husband will be going on the same flight as our dog and will want to fly into manchester,but i want to try and get all the details to try and make it as easy as i can for him to sort out. He knows about the flea treatment he has to have before he flies it is just the actual procedure for the flight we are unsure of.Also i read somewhere it may be cheaper to fly from here to germany then on to the uk ,does anyone know if that is the case.