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Transport Costs to the UK

Posted by Guerlian - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Guerlian - 9 years ago

Many thanks for all your feedback, I'm checking out the suggestions posted on here.

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Posted by maid marian-667424 - 9 years ago

We flew our 3 dogs back to Manchester in May. We were 1500 euros in total and that was a weeks in the kennels called Petstop in Larnaca - Sharon there took them to the vet the day before they were to fly to have the treatment they needed - bought the brand new cages for them - booked the flight with Cyprus Airways and she took them to the airport for us and saw them on the plane. We would thoroughly recommend her. She was terrific.

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Posted by seebee-678990 - 9 years ago

Unfortunately you cannot fly with dogs as Excess baggage into the UK, all pets entering UK have to go as manifested cargo. this does not apply if coming here ofr going to Germany, it is just a UK rule.

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Posted by Terrianne - 9 years ago

The Vets at Happy Valley do an import export service and so do BARC when we exported our dog who is over 50 KL it cost us hust under £500 you could also try flying with your dog we flew back to cyprus from Germany. We were quoted 1400 euro from Lufthanza however Air Berlin did it for 30euro as-long as someone flew with the dog so my husband flew to cyprus with the dog and it only cost us 300.euro. Might be worth checking out the cost if you fly with the dog.

Also our kennel was to tall for the plane hull but they turned it on its side to get him in and then turned it back once he was in and the same when he got here,

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Posted by stevieknight - 9 years ago

Second the advice to ring ladyhaye Travel in the Uk. We used them to bring our 2 large dogs over recently they were brilliant from start to finish.

Our's were about £890 each dog and ours weigh 35kg which was still cheaper than we was quoted. The problem is if you use the Plastic cases u are paying over the odds as you have extra space u probably don't need. Best to get one made if you can as they use less space on the plane and of course this costs less.

But again our's were fine and now settled and happy!

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Posted by seebee-678990 - 9 years ago

Contact Ladyhaye travel in UK they use Thomas Cook and similar in price to Thomsons, it will cost you approx 555 GBP, they do not have height restrictions on the boxes.

the email address is euinbound@ladyhaye.co.uk

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Posted by die5-688335 - 9 years ago

Maybe you ask CYPRUS AIRWAYS.
They are great with pets' transports.
Good luck!!!