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Urgent Appeal from Sirius dog sanctuary

Posted by die5-688335 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Sandy Exley - 9 years ago

ARGOS shelter in Ormedia is also full to overflowing with dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Just when we think we make headway in re-homing, we get more poor dogs, puppies, cats and kittens either bought in off the motorway, abandoned by their owners or abandoned at the gates. We need to work together to help each other. Educate owners to accept it is their responsiblility to their animals to get them neutered and spayed to help stop this continual random breeding that puts more pressure on shelters. The government should do more to help the shelters financialy.

Please also, these shelters cannot keep going without the volunteers to look after the animals. Even if you only have an hour to spare that is a precious hour to the shelter.

Good luck Sirius, you are doing a fantastic job under very hard conditions.

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Posted by mindvoyager - 9 years ago

It would appear that voluntary organisations caring for animals are being hindered rather than helped by the municipal authorities. The Sirius shelter is under threat because an official decision has been made that the building should be demolished. Why???? It is so far off the beaten track that no-one would even see it unless told where it was. How about the thousands of crummy buildings all over the island that are standing rotting? And as for its use as a shelter, it cannot be construed as a nuisance at all because nobody lives anywhere near it. Come on, authorities, don't prevent us from doing what you should be doing!

Another thing that isn't helping are the rules on dog licencing, which make it impossible to foster a dog or keep one that you have rescued at home temporarily, without risking trouble over lack of licence. It would be best if the local officials could use their discretion in cases like this, but as they seem mainly interested in gathering licence fees, we probably need an extra rule that says that no licence is required for the initial 3 months, and that dogs in recognised shelters are exempt altogether.

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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

This is the same for us in Aradippou dog shelter with over 60 stray dogs collected from the streets.Also some from car accidents which the Municipality will not take responsibility for so we have to pay for it out of our own money in order to make them better and to rehome them.
We only have 19 cages and have to beg people to foster them. Many came from homes as they are very clean, but are not microchipped. Any who are microchipped are either from owners not knowing about all the shelters who do a great job trying to keep the dogs alive until they find a home, (the law is 15 days and they can be euthanized legally),or from unregistered owners unaware that not all vets register the microchip for them.It takes us a long time to track down some of the owners. Some of course don't want them anymore but didn't realise they were traceable!

Oroklini are also are chocabloc with many dogs which mean we over crowd the poor dogs into the cages.Other surrounding unknown kind people take in strays too. The dogs here in Cyprus are lovely natured and deserve a chance to have a good home.
The Government do nothing to realise that over 500 healthy dogs a month in Cyprus are killed just to keep the numbers down. Yet prevention is better than cure and for the 50 euros it costs to euthanize a dog plus costs to be collected to dispose of the body,they could use that instead to sterilise 3 to 4 male dogs or 2 female dogs which would cut down the number of unwanted births.

Every shelter must come together to help Sirius, and if we can all decide on the way to go, we must have the guts to practise what we preach and give the voice to the Dog's lives for they have a right to life.
I for one would be happy to support you and other shelters will too. Just keep us informed and we must stick together as there is too much of a 'competitive' streak around which does not help the animals situation.
Please feel free to call me 97739143
PS I am also attending court in March to fight the case that I am custodial for strays because there is no municipality shelter which by law they should have. They are saying that I should have a licence for each and every one even if it is with me for a day or a year!!

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Posted by AlexandraV - 9 years ago

I think this is terrible.. why are they so cruel? Cant they see there is a serious problem with all the strays.. dont they have a heart?
Cant we make a petition or something for the Sirius dog sanctuary. This is ridiculous, and where and how do they think 150 dogs can be removed just like that .. I cant believe this.. Let us do something!!!