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Urgent..I need your help all people in Cyprus

Posted by Anna007 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by cypriotgreek - 3 years ago

I understans this is an old post (for a current issue....). Anna if you need some sort of help let me know privately I am looking for a way to help animal activists with my limited means (my free time and my knowledge of seo/marketing basically, i dont have other means).

Maybe I can help raise awareness for a cause?

if Anna agrees she can let me know howI could help. Apparently we are at war against authorities:/ WHich is very bad situation...

Maybe a campaign against cyprus tourism would remind cyprus authorities to do their job and apply existing laws?


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Posted by Anna007 - 7 years ago

Hi fanourio

If you can take photos and place on Face Book CALF Cyprus Animal Liberation Front, page..or email them on cyprusalf@yahoo.com, they will meet with you and take your story and see the cats, also try to help you.

You can also contact

by email or telephone

a.karsera@cyprusweekly.com.cy Athina 22744412.who should also take your story to show what is happening re cats..as dogs seem to be more in the news!!

Thanks for caring so much for the Animals. Look out also for details on a peaceful protest due for October 8th World Animal Cruelty Day in Cyprus..details to be sent out later.

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Posted by fanourio - 7 years ago

i rescue a cat or two on daily basis!people are bad with animals here!i already have 6 inside my house around 100 in the area were i live that i have to feed them all!we decided to take them to Agios neophytos but Father Alexi decided that they have to be moved from their!long story if u want to know!!!

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Hi JuneMichael,
If you could contact the lady from the Cyprus Weekly at the beginning of this posting, she will be able to help regarding this topic, as the Hunting season is ending and of course we now see more Hunting type dog's abandoned or lost..some I have photos of horrifically hit on the roads and killed.
It seems that the Highest ranking members of this country are not prepared to do anything about the Animal Situation here in Cyprus..an example with recent report from Snake George who after 14 years of helping Cyprus with saving the Cyprus Snake..has decided to return to his homeland where he will be more appreciated

Furthermore all the World's Animal Organisations who request money from us so often, are also unable to help us. The only thing we can do is to keep bringing these cases and happenings to the Media and to Animal Activists who are working hard to continue lobbying for the Voiceless.
Complaints should always be in writing, and records kept, because this will soon be required to be collected by myself to go personally to see the very people who CAN change what is going on but who refuse to believe there is a problem.

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Posted by junemichael - 8 years ago

Please does anyone have time to write an article about how loving and good natured hunting dogs are. We have rescued around 50 over the last few years and every single one of them have been so loving and so good with other dogs and even cats. They make a wonderful pet, I wish more people would adopt them instead of leaving them on the roads or in the shelters. I would write an article but have been trying to find the time for months now as want to word it correctly to encourage people. I feel so sorry for these dogs.

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Posted by junemichael - 8 years ago

A start would be to have free steralising for all pet owners!!! Then a law for 5 years that all pet owners have to have their animal steralised or they will get fined. If the steralising was free there would be no excuse. Of course though they would need to make enforcement to pet owners too. I think putting this into place would make such a difference as it is pet owners who let their cats and especially their dogs pregnate the strays and other wandering dogs, that makes the situation even worse here. It is so expensive now to steralise your pet it is ridiculous. I rescued 3 dogs in the last two weeks and it is going to cost me well over 300 euros to get them all steralised but I have to do it! I never get to buy new clothes, no point anyway as they get ruined taking care of nearly 100 animals day and night ,plus the ones on the streets, and having to work full time to pay for them all!! It won't be long before my husband and I will have a breakdown if something is not done soon to help these animals, but how can we just ignore a screaming tiny kitten, a sick or injured animal or one that is starving to death, we just can't!

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

The Cyprus Weekly did a 2 page article regarding the Individuals problems here to do with stray dogs, which actually featured 2 Cypriot women who told of their problems having so many rescue dogs. So much has come this way that Athena's email box was FULL!! Some cases have been referred to the Police which I will be ensuring are dealt with and added to all my cases plus photographic evidence as were so disgraceful, having not been dealt with by the proper authorities.
Due to an exposure of a person in high authority who took it upon themselves to make false allegations resulting in a Police search on property and removing computer and photocopier, it can show just how bad it is here and of course nothing is done to prevent this...until now with People Power!!
Cyprus Weekly will continue in the oncoming weeks to provide more stories involving the Animal situation here. I actually think they should do a serial on tv about what is happening on a daily basis...only today I have found and photographed for evidence 5 dead cats. 2 had been thrown off a bridge on the motorway ending by the road underneath in Oroklini,another dumped kitten with carrier bag of rubbish including empty cat sachets dumped at side of road and had been hit by car,and an adult cat by the bakery at the side of the road..a pet I am sure, and a grey kitten killed on road which had been left for 2 days!!I picked it up to bury it by the farmer who thought I was a crazy woman!!What is it about neutering do they not understand? Just to discard like rubbish!!
Feel free to email me with cases and please..if any photographic evidence,time and dates will be great. None of your personal details will be used..thanks so much for your time,for caring and for actually doing something!

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

A massive thank you to all who sent in to Athena, she has had an awful amount of information, some which has to be sent on to the Police which I will be ensuring goes where it should go relating to Animal cruelty.
This is for all the people who are individuals and have been involved with the Animal situation here through no fault of their own. How it affects your life here, how none of us went to pet shops to end up with the amount of animals in our care to save them from being killed, yet receive only hatred or problems associated with the kindness which you show.
She is actually trying for a whole page as so much came her way, and if anyone has something extra to add please feel free to contact her before Wednesday.
Anything she cannot use, rest assured I will be using to take as cases when I go to see the MOA and further up the ladder.
Feel free to email me if you prefer, I will ensure complete confidentiality (unusual in Cyprus!!), and not use names if preferred. However well done to all who didn't worry about names..thank fully things have moved on since some years ago..people do not feel as threatened,
Take Care and thank you once again
Together we are making a difference..however slow it seems

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Posted by jjwet - 8 years ago

Well said Anna, we are all behind you. The sooner the ignorant are brought to justice is not soon enough for me. I will contact Athina on Monday and see how I can contribute.

Come on people, at least make a call to show we are bothered.

Well done Anna, never give up!

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Hi Stellaluna, I guess if correct you are one of the people who has been working so hard and for so long hitting your head against a brick wall that you are tired! I don't blame you and of course you could be right. However I have allowed this case of mine to result in the way it has so that I PERSONALLY have been fined ...and I have been on this Island back and forth for a very long time and absolutely heart broken to see friends who have become involved with the Animals here become reduced to nervous wrecks.
So now I have something Positive to be angry about...
If the Government and Municipalities didn't kill the animals I wouldn't have a problem as I do and so many people here in Cyprus when you find a stray.take pity and let it into your heart!
If the Government and Power given positions within higher authorities did the job correctly,then there wouldn't be so much Animal abuse because there ARE LAWS here which are not enforced on the correct people!
This country could be the best in the World as it is very small and has the right amount of people now to make a big difference and who have the expertise to change things for the better...however no one wants to do the job they get paid to do...
So now we have people power!! We CAN make a difference, but being negative is not the right way forward. I AM positive because when I see Animals on a daily basis in front of my eyes which are in pain,lying injured in the road waiting for another car with hope to put them out of their misery I CANNOT walk past and say...Oh..this is Cyprus!
It may be that Athena cannot print it all..the fact she cares, and is willing, what she will have collected is good for me,because I WILL be dealing with it to take as a whole to places where our voices will be heard, and further more we don't always need to be in front of TV crews or in papers to get things done...ACTIONS will be shown by doing legal things to prove we really mean what we say! My life has been caring for Children and Animals because none of us ask to be born..but we all need help when it comes to abuse!! Adults just have the years to learn how to express! Please let's work together...it WILL make a difference.