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Urgent..I need your help all people in Cyprus

Posted by Anna007 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Athena wanted to have letters from two animals advocates published this week, but her editor refused it.

Only if you write the same old stuff with no serious investigative angle, no hard questions to the relevant authorities, will your article appear.

Sorry to be negative, but am being realstic. This sort of thing has been ignored for years.

We had amajor undercover programme on Sigma TV last week. With the authorities on a panel. Did it make any difference? Can pigs fly.

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Posted by wendyvankuijk - 8 years ago

I have sent her an email.

Great idea... the government should do something.

I am stuck with now 12 dumped dogs.... and 6 cats.

Only been here 3 years..... absolute madness......

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Posted by Mystic - 8 years ago

Well done Anna007 for your efforts. I have sent email to Athena, also thanks to Athena for taking this on. Interested to see the results.

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Now is the time to say how you feel about the problems with strays, how it affects your life and how much it all costs you...PLEASE be supportive...don't moan later because you didn't bother! Thanks...spread the word ...

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Thank you Thisislondon...of course anyone in the UK or other countries who have rescued,or comments to make for the time they were here would also help.

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Posted by thisislondon - 8 years ago

I will love to contribute and help create awareness