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What happened with black labs

Posted by classiccar-665879 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by classiccar-665879 - 9 years ago

I did not write my message to make discrimination between any nationalities, It was just a general comment!!

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Posted by brownie-682286 - 9 years ago

It was so good to read your message,i get so angrey wen brits pretend we all look after our dogs,its so un true,one of the big differnces here is its not hidden behind closes door,as in uk.What do people think the RSPCA stands for.I just so agree with what you wrote,we are so wrap up in what the cypriorts do to anamals,we forget or choose to ignore what we do.

Just because some thing may not be as bad as some thing else does not make it right.

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Posted by Sandy Exley - 9 years ago

ARGOS animal shelter in Ormedia have had a poor black lab dumped at their gates. She is a bit worse for wear, obviously had a tough life. But, so sweet natured even after all the hardship she has endured. They are great dogs.

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Posted by Marina-665922 - 9 years ago

Hello Classiccar ! :)

I think its good idea to make labradors club!

I have golden retriver ( also belongs in labradors family ). Also i dont undrestand this peopels who give away them pets and especially for very stupid reasons...the most stupid reason what i find, its if someone moving away-back....and then they most lieve them pets behind... i dont have comments for this.

Nice and peaceful cristmas time for everyone !


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Posted by classiccar-665879 - 9 years ago

Any people interested to organise a labrador club please let me know.

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Posted by Flump-668600 - 9 years ago

When I got divorced, I lived in an absolute flea pit of a house as it was the only one I could afford which accepted pets and I DID virtually live on 8p per tin baked beans on toast or on jacket potatoes in order that they could stay on their usual food and I could pay the rent. They were what kept me going through depression and loneliness for those first few months and I would do it all over again (although hope I never have to obviously!) just to have their little welcoming faces waiting for me at the end of a long day at work.

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Posted by allisa-691668 - 9 years ago

I have a dogi 4 years old. I have myown house so I haven't any problem of landlord about him. His name isTommy, he is very lovely dog. I don't know about his category becauseI found him on a road side accident. I took him at my home and hestill with us.

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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 9 years ago

Well said!!! As an owner of 7 dogs I couldnt and wouldnt EVER give them up! I would rather live on baked beans on toast for life, or live in a tent rather than loose them. There are landlords who accept animals, it is just a case of looking for them, yes its a bit more trouble, which unfortunatley some people can't be bothered to do, it's easier getting rid of the dog. Please think of the dogs feelings, they do have them and do suffer with stress when ripped from their normal owners or homes.

Remember a dog is for life not just for Christmas, or when it becomes too difficult!

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Posted by Steve5436 - 9 years ago

I had a lab for 13 years, she passed away in the summer :( she was one of the most dedicated and loving dogs I have ever owned, she loved the kids and would never snap at them even when they were using her as a step up on to the couch.

If I was in the postition to take on another dog I would definately have another Lab as they are probably the most placid dogs I have ever come across

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Posted by wendyvankuijk - 9 years ago


Finally somebody who thinks!

It is dead awful...

People can't take their dogs into a new home because the landlord won't accept dogs...

For crying out loud! Look for a landlord that DOES accept them!

People just get fed up with all the work and time they have to spend on/ with the dog.


It is for as long as the animal lives...