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Why do people abandon their pets

Posted by ade-661265 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by angloinfo789 - 9 years ago

I have to say that this is biggest thing that i knew would bother me on moving to Cyprus and have to say that I am still disgusted by it every day!

It is such a shame that people aren't being responsible, and feel that an animal is just an animal. I have to say that I am always very cautious when someone tells me that they do not like animals - i just feel like those people have no compassion or sympathy. However, I cannot judge people for that, because most of them wouldn't mistreat or abandon an animal, they would simply just not be near them.

2 days ago i found a little puppy - no more than 2 months old - seems like she has been abandoned which just sickens me as she was in such a state and is so small, she can't even roll over yet. I couldn't leave my pets behind, i can't even leave a puppy behind. So for now she is very happily sleeping in my apartment annoying my dog - however, i do not think that I can keep her as my dog hasn't taken to her very kindly and i don;t want to upset her as she is my baby at the end of the day. I am trying to re-home the puppy at the moment as the longer i have her, the less chance that i will be able to give her up as i have already fallen for her. I think that this would be worse for both my dog and the puppy though as i only have a small apartment. So if anyone hears of someone looking for a small puppy, please let me know as i want her to go to a good home where she will be looked after well and not abandoned again.

In fairness, the cypriots have become much better with animals which is a great thing to hear and see, and I have to say that most of them that I know are all animals lovers, which is great because i can take my dog with me when we go places. Simple education in schools and at home would make a massive difference to the adults of the future!

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Posted by ade-661265 - 9 years ago

I do get a warm feeling reading all the post's I can see I am not alone in how I feel and people do well some do try to do their best .Cyprus over the years has changed so much with its attitude towards animals 20 years ago when we first came was so sad to see so many cats didn't see many dogs then they were and still are locked in cages , but cats starving and and not knowing of any where to take them or who to get in touch with .

The problem now is the people that are leaving that don't take their cat/dog back with them and also the big increase of people breeding dogs for money .Its crazy why keep breeding dogs when the islands shelters are over run Its greed , The people that are breeding dogs need to stop and look around go to the shelters see what dog are their you might recognise a few they could be the puppy's you sold six months ago. breeders need to take responsibly don't keep breeding

Responsible dog breeders don't just breed for money

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Posted by Marina-665922 - 9 years ago


Im also one thiskind of person who can not leave my pet behind....if i need to leave from Cyprus and i dont have money to transport my dog with aeroplane then im agree to go together with him by walk, or i gona sell my gold or whatever but this is sure....he is with me until he is alive and also after...More bad i feel about to see death dog bodies in the road....and if i see some alive dog running clouse to the road then many times i stop my car and dry to catch them...but they are panic and they start run more....and until now i dont has luck to catch them, i hope they are alive and they faound them homes...

I hope things gona go better!

All the best,


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Posted by GATA-675324 - 9 years ago

i am happy that some ppl got warm feelings from all this posts...

but believe me u cant imagine what i receive every day through my website pets2adopt...ppl trying to find homes to stray pets or their owns before they leave..., to find ppl that they do care about animals, to tell us about abuse, or funny stories...that is great...

if you want to participate to this team of petlovers send me ur emails and i will add u to our newsletter every week... you will see the posters of lost,found or need to be rehomed pets in cyprus...from ppl they DO CARE...and we make few times a year events to help pay the bills of stray sick animals....and with that u will meet us and many other ppl they came close to our team to help with any way they can...even to forward to their friends our emails...and that is GREAT once more ppl get our posters na dwe rehome quicklier pets instead to go to shelter or pound...and also we find a lot of lost dogs and cats...

more info check the website pets2adopt

i hope i will receive a lot of emails! :)))

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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 9 years ago

After reading this line of messages I am filled with hope! As owner (Mum) to 7 dogs and 3 cats, I am so glad to hear that there are many people in Cyprus who feel the way I do. This is not about English v Cypriot as pet owner nowadays as I am disgusted by some of my fellow English who just abandon their dog/cat when returning to Uk. Attitudes are changing in Cyprus towards animals, in fact I saw a Cypriot farmer only yesterday with his dog on his lap whilst he was on the tractor!

If only there was a solution to the problem here in Cyprus, couldnt we have a united RSPCA type system where all shelters work together and are funded mainly by the government? We could then have a proper system of working together rather than what can happen with competition between shelters as they are all (quite rightly) trying to re-home THEIR dogs.

Re those who leave their pets behind here and then take another from the shelter in uk - if only there was an international 'black list'.

Ok rant over for the day - off to feed by 'kids'.


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Posted by JCGX-689138 - 9 years ago


Abandoning animals is bad. I know of a ginger and white cat that lived in a shop in Gladstones Street, Limassol. The shop changed hands and the new people won't let it in. It is very sad and sits outside all the time wanting in its "home". Apparently the past owner comes back and feeds it but it still can't get into the shop!!! It is a different type of abandonment.

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Posted by ade-661265 - 9 years ago


I started this post when I was so fed-up and upset with reading about dogs/cat been left behind by the people that supposed to love them

But reading all the message,s I know I am not alone in how I feel their is some good people around thank god and its all of you that have posted on this site you made me feel so much better . like you I could never think of leaving my cats they are my family I could never live with my self . just some people don't seem to have a heart

John boy I really hope you manage to find homes for the dogs it must be a real worry for you keep us posted on how you get on please ,,And good luck

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Posted by AlexandraV - 9 years ago

Gata i completely agree with you , i even remember my parents used to say to me that cypriots didnt really care. If they had a dog or a cat etc it would not be considered as a part of the family it was simply AN ANIMAL to be kept outside. Now though i see alot of change in them, alot more are taking animals from shelters and rehoming them, im happy to be seeing this, ive actualy seen more cat lovers come to the clinic where i work, which is an unusual thing to see, because to cypriots i think most cats are ''psoro kattoi'' but im glad that they are starting to realize that an animal is not just an animal it can be a part of the family and bring you so much happiness. I took my doggy from a shelter, she was in bad condition and she even had stitches from an operation that had been left in and should have been taken out months ago and was literally growing in her stomach. She is the best companion anyone could ever ask for and shes my baby girl. Gata mou thank god there is someone out there like you and for everyone who helps shelters and poor doggys and cats that need as much help as they can get

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Posted by lizvaly - 9 years ago

You know it says in the bible what you reap so shall you sow.
Animals are so wonderful and they really know how to comfort you when ever you need them to.
Like my dog she is a poogle cross between a poodle and a beagle. She is light of my life, to me they are partly human and I thank God that I have her.
Love your animals the way you would like to be loved.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I see there is a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback at Paphiakos shelter. Its owners left it behind. Its photo is in today's Cyprus Weekly.

What a crime for such a beautiful dog to be abandoned. I have always loved this breed, but I have three dogs - two of them chihuahuas, so am not in a position to adopt it.