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Wonderful lap cat needs a home - please help

Posted by mabel24 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by bek - 8 years ago

hi thanks for your reply he sounds lovley hope you find a home for him : )

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Posted by andrew ment - 8 years ago

mabel24, i have sent you an email with the info you may need.

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Posted by andrew ment - 8 years ago

ooops, sorry mabel, i see your tel no is in your post, i will try to get hold of my mother (it may take a couple of days), in the meantime if anyone needs to contact her sooner, her friends (up the road) tel no is 00357 2374 0838, tell her that 'met' put here number on this forum.

or post back here, or email/pm me for quicker response

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Posted by andrew ment - 8 years ago

Please be sure to check out the pound first, and make sure disease is not rife there.

Many pounds in cyprus are death holes, and animals sent there are left to die of disease that they pick up in the pound as soon as they arrive.

Some pounds just leave the animal in a cage to die, honestly, some pounds are appalling and the animals are treated with utter apathy by the 'staff'.

If the pound is not up to scratch (ask around,talk to the staff,ask local vets etc) then i honestly suggest the cat would have a much better chance of survival on the streets of pathos.

However, my mother in paralimni would be willing to home the cat as a last resort, but only if she can find good homes for 6 kittens that she has reared from scratch (20 months old and all from the same litter, mother can be seen).I think it would be easier to find a home for the kittens than an adult cat, and that would be a good swap for my mother, she has too many cats to cope with.

the 6 kittens looking for homes are----------

long hair white male with one blue eye and one green eye.

short hair ginger male with brown eyes.

short hair bardie/grey female.

short hair bardie male.

long hair tortshell female with pale eyes.

long hair bardie male.

the kittens are all healthy and very friendly and used to humans, dogs and adult cats.
good homes need to be found because my mother is finding it very hard to cope in her 2nd floor 2bed apartment with all the cats she has (18 inc the kittens, and 2 dogs).

ideally she would like to ship some cats back to shelters in the uk but pet passport costs are way too high (does anyone know of an organization in cyprus that could help with this ?, or at least a vet in cyprus that charges the least for rabies shots/blood tests).

she really needs help relocating some cats to good homes cos i fear she will be unable to cope with these and future cats/dogs.she lives on 70euros a month and can not ignore an animal in distress.

she really wants the kittens to go to good homes and not a shelter/pound in cyprus, cos in the past she sent 5 rescued puppys to nicosia shelter (a terrible place) and it transpired that they were dead, just left to rot in a cage and die a slow lonely death from parvo (that they picked up there), it appears that sending dogs/cats to 'shelters' in cyprus often results in a death sentence for the poor buggers.

Please get in touch mabel24, my mother will contact you asap, at the very least ideas can be exchanged.

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Posted by mabel24 - 8 years ago


No sorry he is brown & stripey (tabbyish)

He is so lovely we would take him home but have 2 cats in England & not enough time to sort out his pet passport

good luck finding tigger :)

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Posted by bek - 8 years ago

hi on the off chance that he could be our missing cat but we live in larnaca stranger things have happened!!! hes not ginger is he and answers to th ename of tigger!!! a long shot but thanks for your time bek